Can Chatbots really help recruiters?


With Millennials and Gen Z  taking over the workplace in the near future disruptive transformations are inevitable. Across all the functional areas of an organization machine intelligence is being applied widely. This leads to cost saving, increasing efficiency and taking an organization towards a sustainable future. Automation and machine intelligence in form of chat bots are trending these days.

Chatbots provide convenience, decision support and personalization. Organizations are able to provide better customer services through interactive bots. When you want to book a cab and you want to compare the fares of various taxi apps available you don’t have to look at multiple applications for that anymore you just have to ask your chat bot to do it for you.

From providing proactive customer services to suggesting you good places to hang out according to your needs artificial intelligence can do it all. In a similar way, chatbot technology can also be used in  recruitment processes. For example, following tasks in the recruitment process can be performed with a comibnation of chatbots and other cognitive technologies.

  1. Suggesting suitable jobs to candidates
  2. Collection of information about candidates apart from the one in the resume
  3. Screening and initial interview
  4. Analysis of facial expressions during the video interviews
  5. Updating applicants about information on hiring process
  6. Background checks
  7. Answering candidate’s queries proactively

If you are part of the recruitment domain, you know how recruitment processes can be very tedious and time-consuming especially when it is a campus recruitment, chatbots can make it a lot easier than you can ever imagine. The recruitment process can be automated as much as 75 percent, making lives of job seekers and the recruiters easier.

These chatbots can ask a few questions, verify qualifications and answer queries of job seekers about the company. This creates more time for the recruiters and hiring managers to focus on interviews and closing offers, this can also reduce the time taken for the whole hiring process. The cost per hire reduces effectively and recruitment cycle shortens.

At the end of the application process, the bots can rank candidates on various factors like qualifications, personality traits, engagement etc. based on the questions asked. It can take out information from various online professional networks and social networking sites to do a background check and also to predict the candidate’s true interests. These chatbots are able to perform these functions using machine learning algorithms.

3 KEY BENEFITS of having a chat bot as a part of your recruitment process-

  • CONVENIENCE- Simplification of job application process.Candidates use chat bots to create and submit applications to job postings. It is convenient to use even while traveling and it can also reply in multiple languages.

  • HELPS IN DECISION MAKING- Reduces the error of biasedness, chatbots are neutral and indifferent to all the applicants hence there is zero bias in judging any candidate. Better decision making by providing better judgment and selection of a qualified person from the talent pool.


The recruitment industry is looking at a  new way of performing the hiring process, providing better value proposition and experience to the candidates involved.

We at Talview help to solve the challenges and make the hiring process more effective in terms of Time, Cost efficiency and Analysis.


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Written by Yukti Kalra

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