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How To Improve Candidate Experience

It’s often heard that the quality of employees joining an organization is deteriorating in terms of the skills possessed by the candidates. Managers aren’t satisfied with the performance of their employeesand the constant look out for the skilled candidate neverends. However, has anyone given a thought to the fact that maybe the right candidates would arrive if the right candidate experience is provided to them.

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4 Best Ways to Reach Passive Candidates

Recruiters are the seekers of candidates as a part of their profession. But as a recruiter, have you ever wondered how do candidates want to be contacted by the recruiters? Well, if not, I think you should give it a thought.

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How To Make Good Hiring Decisions

Researches suggest that most hiring managers make decisions based on biases rather than objective comparative analysis of the candidates. This, obviously, is not the right approach towards recruiting, biases can result in selection of the wrong candidate for the job, a decision they might regret in the future.

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How Talent Analytics Can Help Improve Recruiting

Organizations have been unable to identify the huge potential in the talent analytics data has in determining the success, this can also be due to the fact that HR do not supply this data until it has been asked for. However, it is now time to proactive and uses this abundant data in the solving real business challenges. Big data analysis can help you comprehend the genuine qualities of effective representatives. With prescient investigation, you can measure the relative significance of various qualities, and you can figure which candidates will turn into your future superior workers.

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