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Talview Partners With LinkedIn Talent Hub to Put AI-powered Live Video Interviewing Inside the New ATS

With the integration of live video interviewing, users of LinkedIn Talent Hub can interview candidates anywhere and at anytime, objectively assess hard and soft skills, and verify authenticity

Cost of Hiring Lag

People are the real engines of wealth creation for organizations today. Most of my meetings with senior executives of large enterprises often lead to conversations on what their top talent priorities are. 

How Professional Services struggle with hiring even when Hiring Lag is obscenely expensive

Most Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) bill their customers by hours. And they leak an average of 6-7% revenue due to vacant positions. 

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[Product update] Experience Instahiring with new login screens, TBI in multi language, reinvite candidate and more features

With our features, we enable Instahiring - The fastest way to hire. 

It’s all about convenience, and your convenience is our priority!

Why Is Sales Hiring So Hard? Is There A Better Way?

Sales Hiring is one of the most demanding and tough placements for recruiters compared to other functions. This is because the impact of not having a quota-achieving salesperson in a particular territory is immediate and the sales manager will be impatient by nature.

Referral Hiring to Build Better Sales Teams

Do you wonder why employee referral programs are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day? Research from Deloitte found that just over half of organizations cite employee referrals as their number one source of high-quality candidates.

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