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Why Live Proctoring is Key to Conducting High-Stake Online Exams

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 peaked during a time when many schools an...

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The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Secure Remote Online Exams

The onset of COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the educational institutions worldwide...

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Why Talent Acquisition Directors and VPs Love Talview

Talent acquisition teams are struggling to recruit and retain highly talented pe...

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Why Recruiters Love Talview

Your job is tougher than it’s been in a while. Between the layoffs, budget cuts,...

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[Product Updates] Seamless Proctoring of Assessments Across All Platforms and De...

Remotely proctored exams are increasingly sought after by organizations, schools...

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How Talview Exam Plus can Transform Your Remote Test-taking Experience

Institutions around the world have had to look for alternatives to the tradition...

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Why Zoom-ing and Skype-ing is Not Enough for Recruiting

With organizations across the globe shifting and adjusting to remote work, the i...

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Why CIOs Love Talview

Right now, talent acquisition teams are struggling to recruit and retain highly ...

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Talview's Quarter at a Glance (April - June 2020)

At the beginning of April 2020, the whole world was still coming to terms with t...

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How Universities Can Choose the Right Online Proctoring Software

Online proctored exams are gaining much trust and popularity among educational i...

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