7 Tricks For Seasonal Hiring

Seasonal Hiring Tips

Every organization requires seasonal staff now and then. So here are seven personas that one needs to keep in mind for the next session of seasonal hiring:

  1. Often companies require an extra hand in various departments, hire an HR temporarily and solve the need.
  2. Start an employee referral program and source pre-qualified talent.
  3. Put in a place a system for engagement post hiring to ensure minimum drop-off
  4. Be a referee yourself; ensure that the selection process is fair and consistent.
  5. After selecting the candidates that absolutely fit in, make sure to provide them with training that enhances their skill set
  6. The most ‘important’ point is to welcome them and ensure a great candidate experience.
  7. Think about offering unique benefits to appeal to the millennial audience.

You can also refer to our E-book of Employer's Hiring Guide.

With the number of people or candidates applying one cannot deny that it’s a stressful and a nail-biting process.

Prepare to succeed!

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