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Talview Partners With LinkedIn Talent Hub to Put AI-powered Live Video Interviewing Inside the New ATS

With the integration of live video interviewing, users of LinkedIn Talent Hub can interview candidates anywhere and at anytime, objectively assess hard and soft skills, and verify authenticity

Cost of Hiring Lag

People are the real engines of wealth creation for organizations today. Most of my meetings with senior executives of large enterprises often lead to conversations on what their top talent priorities are. 

How Professional Services struggle with hiring even when Hiring Lag is obscenely expensive

Most Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) bill their customers by hours. And they leak an average of 6-7% revenue due to vacant positions. 

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[Product update] Experience Instahiring with new login screens, TBI in multi language, reinvite candidate and more features

With our features, we enable Instahiring - The fastest way to hire. 

It’s all about convenience, and your convenience is our priority!

Why Is Sales Hiring So Hard? Is There A Better Way?

Sales Hiring is one of the most demanding and tough placements for recruiters compared to other functions. This is because the impact of not having a quota-achieving salesperson in a particular territory is immediate and the sales manager will be impatient by nature.

Referral Hiring to Build Better Sales Teams

Do you wonder why employee referral programs are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day? Research from Deloitte found that just over half of organizations cite employee referrals as their number one source of high-quality candidates.

Talview Hires for Executive Marketing and BD To Expand ‘Instahiring’

AI Recruitment Startup Talview Hires for Executive Marketing and BD Positions To Further New HR Tech Category – ‘Instahiring’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruitment startup Talview today announces that it has expanded its team to include Chad Fife, new VP of Marketing, and Dan Arildson, VP of Channel,  Alliances, and Business Development.

Take Charge And Innovate A Strong Campus Recruitment Strategy

 What Is Campus Recruitment? And Why Has It Become An Essential Part Of Big Corporations?

If you don’t live under a rock you know Campus Recruitment, aka Graduate Hiring refers to the process where large companies look to fill certain vacant positions by employing students or freshers from various campuses.

Online Exam Software - Every University's Need Of The Hour!

The means of education today are expanding and diversifying. Education is no more limited to the four walls of a classroom. It has expanded to reach your fingertips as a result of advancing technology.

3 Tips to Speed Up Your Hiring from the Dallas Instahiring Event

In our personal and professional lives, what do we covet the most and often consider irreplaceable? Time.

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The Know-How's Of Resume Screening To Screen Better


"For every 100 candidates you screen, you need to shortlist 12 of them to interview, two of them will receive an offer, and one candidate will accept to result in one successful hire."

Everything You Need To Know About Interview Scheduling Software

Smart organizations are discerning the growing need for interview scheduling software. Intelligent online scheduling systems are a way of simplifying interaction between candidates and enterprises. 

Ensure Maximum Candidate Turnout With These 6 Effective Steps of Interview Scheduling

The technological advances in the past few years have changed the way we do everything in the business world- from sourcing online to assessing and rolling out offers to candidates from across the globe. But there still remain some areas that seem untouched by these advances. One of them is interview scheduling or the way we schedule interviews. 

[Product update] Introducing a whole new android app, Multilingual TBI report and more

Talview is enhancing ways to understand candidates more intuitively to help you hire effectively. Here's what our new update has in store for you.

Recruitment at your finger tips with our new mobile app

With every update we want you to experience the hiring process like never before. Here we bring you an all new update on recruit mobile app making your recruitment process handy than ever.

Talview Partners With Alexander Mann Solutions To Revolutionize Recruitment

London, September 17, 2019 - Talview has partnered with Alexander Mann Solutions, a leading global provider of talent acquisition and management services to take Talview’s revolutionary Instahiring platform to global customers. 

4 Questions to Help You Check if the Candidate is Tech-savvy


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From administrative assistants to factory workers, tech skills are no longer isolated to the IT department.

6 Top HR Tech Tools No Company Should Be Without

Professionals who work in the human resources industry are constantly facing challenges and problems that need to be immediately fixed. That is the nature of this particular job. The sensible nature of their work demands a great deal of effectiveness and productivity. A company is run by people, while people thrive under a proper organization.

Here's Skillate: Our new partner to automate Resumé Screening

Talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.

[Product Updates] Resumé  Scoring, TBI recommendations and many more features to Instahire

Talview is getting smarter to help you make faster hiring decisions. Here's what our new update has in store for you.

Hospitality Hiring with Video Interviews

Dynamic Visual Interviews Offers Better Insights

Hiring for the hospitality sector is a grueling task because good communication lies at the heart of hospitality jobs. 

Recruitment Automation and AI: Changing World of HR

There has been a growing need for automation in recruitment processes for some time now. Recruiters are tired of focusing the majority of their time on repetitive recruitment related tasks like processing multiple resumes manually, calling candidates and coordinating with their calendars to schedule interviews. 

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5 HR Compliance Challenges of 2019 and How To Address Them


Source: Pexels

Organizations who strive to achieve long-term success and productivity need a knowledgeable HR. Issues which arise need to be solved quickly and successfully. Otherwise, it will negatively reflect on the organization.

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Talview Raises $6.75Mn For ‘Instahiring’

The AI and ML- enhanced Instahiring platform will enable enterprises to drastically reduce time to hire by allowing recruiters to automate repetitive tasks

8 Key Benefits of HR Analytics


Human resource is witnessing the advent of two major fields, The Big Data, and Hiring Analytics. The power of HR Analytics and Big Data is making companies ditch their “intuitions” for any decision to make, which was the trend earlier, and take more informed decisions now. Official decisions have become more promising and accurate with the use of HR analytics. 

Recruitment Chatbot: Your Digital Assistant

Nearly 70 years ago, in 1950, Alan Turing made a prediction that probably made very little sense at the time. Turing envisioned that by the turn of the century, computers would easily pass as a human during a text conversation. With the invention of chatbots, Alan Turing’s prediction has been deemed successful. Chatbots have successfully taken several online conversations and made hard for us to differentiate between a chatbot and a human.

Online Assessment Platforms in Recruitment: Why and How?

Assessments are an essential part of the recruiting process and are sandwiched between the initial screening process and the final interview. Assessments provide concrete, objective results, unlike resumes and interviews, that are subjective and can be fudged. A well-designed assessment can be standardized for all applicants, and the results of the tests can be used to make a more informed decision when hiring the right candidate. Objective and validated metrics prove whether a particular candidate has the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform a specific job or not. The right assessments can lead to higher productivity and results, a more efficient hiring process, reduction in costs associated with turnover, and increased defensibility of the hiring process through the use of an online platform. This is why having online assessment tests for recruitment is efficient and essential.

10 Key Recruitment Metrics That You Should Be Tracking

For a modern staffer, recruitment means so much more than posting an ad for a job opening online. Since technology and human resources are becoming more and more intertwined, staffers now have a wide variety of advanced tools at their disposal and candidates come through many channels. The future of HR is data-driven and it’s essential that HR specialists learn to track the efficiency of the recruitment process to find out what areas can be improved. Fortunately, HR software can generate recruitment metrics with just a few clicks, so access to information isn’t a problem. But which of these metrics are the most important and what can they tell you about your organization’s hiring cycle?

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What is Interview Bias & How to Avoid It While Hiring

When human beings interact with each other in a social setting, they are bound to have a set of preconceived notions about the person they’re interacting with even before they talk. 

[Product Updates] Events for Insta Bulk-Hiring

Experience how simple and rapid hiring has become with the “Events” feature on Talview’s InstaHiring platform.

Events: Digitizing Bulk Hiring

Stop for a minute and imagine your bulk hiring process.

Thousands of resumes, shortlisting of candidates, interview scheduling, segregation and selection of candidates and finally 

5 Tips for Hiring the Right Sales Manager

It’s important that your sales team has the right sales manager to lead because arguably nothing is more important than your sales team in your organization. It’s also a bit more complicated than just promoting a good salesperson; just because they’re good at sales, it doesn’t mean they’ll be a good manager. We’ve compiled some tips below to help you hire the best sales manager to lead your team.

How AI Interviewing is Redefining the Way we Hire

Humans have certainly made progress in this digitized age. From asking questions like what artificial intelligence (AI) is, why we need artificial intelligence, and is artificial intelligence going to overtake the world, we have welcomed the use of artificial intelligence (think Siri, Alexa, and self-driven cars).

Ways To Create The Best Possible Recruitment Video

The work sphere in our world is getting so crowded, with so many companies, both deeply established and fresh start ups alike, vying for a limited employment pool. Consequently, methods for attracting employees have changed. In fact, the very essence of careers has changed, with a redressing of workplace ‘culture’ for many companies.

[Product Updates] Making hiring decisions faster with smarter proctoring, an enhanced mobile app and more

With the new release, you will be able to hire faster than ever on Talview. 

Here's a sneak peek of updates you can look forward to this April.

The Finest Approach to Come Up With Attractive Job Opening Content!

Employees and companies are relying on each other. Every organisation regardless of small or large requires staff. Similarly, each worker should be a team member of any specific firm. Hiring & firing is a common activity in every corporation. That’s the reason you may see several job post advertisements daily.

Speed up your hiring with End to End Recruitment 2.0

Full cycle recruiting is generally more common with HR generalists owing to its versatility. This article will also provide deeper insights into why full cycle recruiting should become a common norm.

[Product Updates] Smarter proctoring, intuitive selection workflows, new Marketplace features and more

When it comes to recruiting, time is of the essence and this new update is designed to help you save time. 

[Product Updates] It’s all about the candidate - intuitive interfaces, multilingual capabilities, and more

In a candidate-driven market, it is becoming imperative to focus on the candidate’s hiring experience.

Especially since 57% of job seekers lose interest if the hiring process is too long.

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TalQuest '19: Instahiring, The fastest way to hire

Good things don’t come often, and we like to keep it that way. After months of counting down to Asia’s biggest hiring tech event, TalQuest ‘19 was a grand success, courtesy of the

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5 Tips for Recruiting Generation Z Employees

Generation Z – also referred to as the Digital Natives – is the group that comes after Generation Y (or the infamous Millennials). Generation Z individuals are those that were born between 1995 and 2009, making up for about 25.9% of the US population. By 2020, this generation is expected to contribute about $44 billion to the US economy and make up a third of its total population.

11 Benefits of Hiring Recent College Graduates

Right now, employers are struggling to hire and retain employees. Some argue that it’s a skills gap problem. Others say it’s due to the company’s unwillingness to pay decent wages or offer adequate training. Both arguments are politically charged, and each has merits.

10 exciting things to look forward to at TalQuest 19!

As we’re getting closer to TalQuest 19, we can’t help but share our excitement for what’s ahead! This year, we bring to the spotlight a revolutionary technology that transforms the way we hire: Insta-Hiring. TalQuest 19 is meticulously organized to foster productive discussions, Master Classes and Thought Leadership sessions with the creme of the industry. Why? Because at TalQuest 19, everything revolves around you, our attendee!

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A sneak peek into what’s in store for TalQuest ‘19!

Time to hire has always been the most critical of hiring metrics. Apart from the opportunity, the cost of not having someone on the payroll can affect other hiring metrics such as quality of hire (best candidates are only available for 10 days), cost of hire (long time spent by recruiters and hiring managers due to long process) and candidate experience (long wait time is number one candidate reason for poor experience).

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HR in 2019: From Automation to Personalization.

Companies spend billions a year on recruiting and personnel management. The growing pace of the fourth industrial revolution and the emergence of a massive number of new competencies leads to an escalation of the struggle for highly qualified candidates and the expansion of technologies to search for new talents, as well as to unleash the potential of existing employees.

5 Key Ways to Streamline Your Business' Recruitment Process

An employee leaving your company can cause so many problems nowadays, especially if your company policy is operating a 2-week notice period. Of course, the recruitment process to replace and fill these vacancies take a lot longer than this to process, and it can be hard to keep your business running smoothly.

Re-defining Recruitment: Introducing, “Instahiring”

Most seasoned high volume recruiters understand that Time to Hire is the single most important hiring metric. Time to Hire in itself is important as business always need candidates like yesterday. Most high volume recruiters are in businesses where either you have a large field workforce and if you do not have enough people on the field at any given point of time your ability to sell or service is limited or you are a services business where your resources are billed to the end customer and if you do not have enough resources on payroll you are loosing revenue.

But Time to Hire is important not just by itself, it also impacts all other key hiring metrics- Quality of Hire, Candidate Experience and Cost per Hire. We will discuss each of these below.

Quality of Hire: A good candidate today is available in the market only for 10 days. If you have a 2 months long hiring process your ability to hire to hire the best candidates is significantly limited. 

Candidate Experience: 6 out of 10 candidates who drop of the funnel attribute that to a long hiring process. 

Cost of Hire: It costs an average of USD 4000 for every new hire. The cost increases with the time you spent.

Meanwhile, the working class demographic is undergoing a massive transformation with digitally native Millennials entering the workforce. Statistics show that Millennials will constitute to 75% of the working demographic in the United States by 2030. As far a the Indian market is concerned, the gig economy is expected to account for 43% of the workforce by 2020. 52% of the private workforce has spent time as independent workers at some point in 2018.

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What you can expect at TALQUEST ‘19- Asia’s biggest Hiring Tech Event

Talview’s biggest event of the year is back! For those who aren’t familiar with TalQuest, here’s a quick blog on why you shouldn’t miss Asia’s biggest Hiring Tech event.

[Product Updates] New product release cycles and a lot of cool features in 2019

Time flies and we’re glad you’re having fun hiring on Talview.

We won't bore you with what we’ve done in 2018.

Here's the scoop - we'll release new features every 6 weeks. Starting this 16th, your hiring experience will just keep getting better. 

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De-mystifying Pre-hiring Assessments: Part 2- Cognitive Assessments

Looking for the right candidate goes beyond just skill-hunting. The ideal candidate is not just adept with the required skills but is committed to updating himself every day. Cognitive assessment deals with the branch of science that is focused on analyzing the behavioral patterns of the human mind to understand why we do the things we do. Cognitive assessments essentially measure the extent to which the candidate can learn.

A Definitive Guide to the Gig Economy

The advent of technology has brought upon a major transformation in the way we work. The word “job” does not refer to a permanent position anymore as both employers and freelancers are looking for a no-strings-attached arrangement for procuring what they want.

De-mystifying Pre-Hiring Assessments: Behavioral Assessments

Pre-hiring assessments play a vital role when it comes to choosing the right candidate based on a variety of requirements. In order to effectively utilise the tools to their best use, it is important to fully understand  the functionalities and limitations of these assessments. This series will explore 4 different assessments on their history and implementation- Behavioral assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Functional Assessments and Domain Assessments. Every week, we will be covering one assessment and elucidating it in detail for you to better understand the nuances behind them.

Talview wins “Optimizing Operations with AI” at Microsoft’s AI for all


Talview has been conferred with an award for “Optimizing operations with AI” at Microsoft's AIforall Award on the 21st of November, 2018. The award was conferred upon Talview in an effort to recognize the organization’s contribution to the HR-AI industry. Talview was shortlisted for the awards due to its efforts in optimizing operations for its large-enterprise clients.

With Talview, clients saw significant channeling in the recruitment funnel, ultimately leading to less candidate turnaround time. Talview’s platform is intended to streamline the process of recruitment and make it easier for both the recruiter and the candidate while keeping the cost of hire under control.

Choose The Right Candidate with These 7 Simple Steps

Do you ever have a feeling that you are the only one who works for the whole company? Many managers notice that not a thing is done properly without their constant control. They spend a lion`s share of time and affords in order to improve job quality. Unfortunately, these afford oftentimes do not bring expected improvements and the situation remains the same.

The Future of Recruiting: Where Will AI Save the Most Time?

Artificial Intelligence is possibly the most disruptive trend in recent time that has pervaded our lives. It’s only natural that the process of recruitment and hiring is also pushing for the inclusion of AI. Artificial intelligence is recognized as an ideal ‘intelligent’ machine which is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment. It acts accordingly so that its chance of success is elevated to achieve certain goals.

FLASH Mumbai 2018- An Overview of Talview's Insta-hiring Leaders Conclave

FLASH Mumbai 2018, Talview’s Insta-Hiring Leaders Conclave partnered with Microsoft, delved deep into the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. 

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One-way video interviews: Everything you need to know!

Elaborate interview procedures that cost your time and money are a thing of the past. With revolutionary technology making an appearance in the hiring market, newer, faster and easier methods to interview and identify the best candidates are the way to go.

Winning strategies for hiring millennials

Who are millennials and why are they everywhere?

A millennial is anyone who is born anywhere between the years 1980 and 2000. With the workforce dynamic paving way for a younger crowd, it is no surprise that there is a significant shift in power to the millennials. Millennial hiring strategy is now important more than ever, with studies stating that 75 percent of the workforce will be taken over by millennials in 2030.

How Talview helped transform HCL's hiring

HCL America Inc., an innovative technology solutions company bases its foundation in an exceptionally talented team.

The cornerstone of their success in the United States is their commitment to identifying and hiring local talent across multiple delivery centers in the United States. Their goal is to become a vibrant, active member of these communities not only by hiring, but also by active involvement in civic organizations, local government, universities, and charitable institutions to cultivate ties with the overall community.

HCL’s hiring occurs on a massive scale, with the recruiters screening several hundreds of resumes every week. The process of sifting the right talent from numerous applications took a lot of time away from the recruiter’s hands. While looking to solve the time constraint, HCL began looking for resource-friendly solutions to streamline their hiring workflow efficiently.

Recruiting challenges faced:

Screening resumes - The team at HCL America Inc receives hundreds of resumes every week, of which only 3-5% were qualified as potential candidates. The team was looking for a solution to filter the quality candidates.

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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Interviews

What is a digital interview?

What do Assessments in the Age of AI look like?

Talview, in association with Pearson, recently conducted a webinar that covered “Assessments in the Age of AI”. The webinar was hosted and delivered by Matt Pietsch, CSO, Talview and Shashir Shetty, National Sales Manager, Pearson.

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How Digital Recruitment Is Changing the World

Talent acquisition has drastically changed over the years. With digital media taking over the traditional methods of recruitment, talent-seekers now have to leverage different platforms to choose the right fit. The new generation hiring techniques are characterized by state-of-the-art technology where both in-house recruiters and agencies can find talent pools alike. Accessibility is key during the search for the ideal candidate, and digital tech paves way for the same.

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The Online Assessments Playbook - Taking Aptitude Tests Online

Aptitude tests were first used in recruitment for the US Army during the first World War. Developed by psychologist Carl Brigham, aptitude tests are designed to assess an individual’s potential to develop. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Re-imagining Recruitment

Did you know AI and machine learning play a key role when it comes to streamlining human capital management?

You Need to Include Sales Rep Talent Mapping in Your Business Strategy. Here's Why

For sales organizations, talent management is of critical importance. After all, according to Forbes, staff turnover in sales organisations exceeds 20 percent, while the CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study found that 60.7 percent of sales companies now report new recruits’ average ramp up times of seven months or more.

Clearly, this poses a lot of challenges and talent mapping has a role to play in the solution, because it combines elements of talent management with strategic workforce planning. Here, we take a more detailed look at the benefits of talent mapping for your sales reps and explain how it can help to ensure you have the necessary skills at all times.

[Webinar] Re-Imagining the Way We Hire - AI Leads the Way

Technology is changing the face of recruitment. In the past, recruiting was a time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly process. However, with the help of technology, companies are now able to reach a wider talent pool, and effectively and efficiently evaluate an applicant’s skill, personality and culture fit. 

7 New Age Hiring Innovations to Kick-Start Your Recruitment Strategy in 2018

It’s no surprise that technology is radically revamping businesses and consumer applications in the world. With path-breaking developments in deep learning, data analytics, cloud-based computing, virtual reality, and AI, no industry in today’s world can escape the clutches and effects of the technological revolution. If properly utilized, these technologies hold so much power, as they can significantly improve efficiency, and consequently, rid the many redundancies that organizations currently face. This not only guarantees better returns solely from a process-focused analysis, but it is also a more cost-effective solution. Below are few of the game-changing hiring innovations that companies need to watch out for.

How Supply Chain Management Techniques Help Manage Talent Better

As technology is rapidly changing markets and products, organizations are scrambling to find the right talent at the right time. The requirement for skills is evolving with the growing industries, and recruiters often struggle to keep up. And talent acquisition is a costly affair, as the researchers at Bersin by Deloitte found - it costs companies an average of $4,000 per hire.

Talview and Microsoft Announces Technology Partnership

Palo Alto, February 2018: Talview, a leading video interviewing and assessment platform, announced its collaboration with Microsoft to push the frontiers of the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in recruitment with the launch of its 

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8 Tips to Foster Productivity and Minimize Negativity in the Workplace

Employees are the backbone of every organization. In our competitive world, productivity can make or break a business. It is often said, that it is not the hours you spend at work that matter but the work that you put into those hours.

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Here’s Why You Need to Leverage NLP During Recruiting

In a world where technology is getting updated and, new technology is emerging day by day, do we have to limit ourselves when it comes to matters that deal with human interaction, resourcefulness and most importantly recruitment? While methods of recruitment have changed and improved over time, our businesses might still be on the losing side when it comes to hiring.

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Talquest 2018 – An Overview of Talview’s Annual Flagship Conference

Talquest 2018, Talview’s annual flagship user conference, delved deep into the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. 

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19 Top Ways You Can Use AI in Your Recruitment Process [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence is challenging traditional recruitment practices.
This infographic lists out use cases of technologies like Chatbots, AR, VR and shows how AI can assist you throughout your recruitment process. 

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How Artificial Intelligence(AI) is Improving the Hiring Process

Talent Acquisition is the key to building a strong team - the right talent can make or break the company. Hence the process of Talent Acquisition is key to an establishment seeking high levels of performance and efficiency. 

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Six Reasons You Can’t Miss Talquest 2018

Talview will host the second edition of its invite-only conference on January 10th 2018 at LeMeridien in Bangalore.

Chatbots: Recruitment Made Easy

Automation and artificial intelligence is changing our outlook on the world, so why shouldn't it alter the way in which we hire? The use of time wasting and mundane methods of hiring can now be replaced by faster and better-automated software technology that even with the use of Artificial Intelligence can provide the candidates with a new interface experience without losing the realistic feel of communication between two persons.

Artificial Intelligence: The new face of recruitment


Why Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

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Proctoring Will Soon Redefine Education While Enhancing E-learning

Secured online proctoring is genuinely the next most significant development in the domain of e-learning. And while the substantive reading components

Matt Pietsch Joins Talview as Chief Sales Officer

San Francisco and Bangalore-based AI-enabled Talent Assessment platform, Talview, has hired Matt Pietsch as its new Chief Sales Officer. With over twenty-five years of experience in the HR Technology industry, he will direct and lead Talview's global sales strategy and aggressive expansion from its newest U.S. office in Atlanta, GA. Matt last served as the Vice President of Global Sales for Indiana-based PAN (Performance Assessment Network).

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Friday Five: Getting HR Tech Vendor Selection Right

5 Social Media Recruiting Tactics You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Sourcing potential candidates via social media is an excellent strategy, especially with people using an average of five or more social media platforms. LinkedIn

Friday Five : How HR Technology is Impacting Global Mobility


Friday Five : Digital HR - a new skill set for People Advisors

Digital HR - a new skill set for People Advisors

Friday Five : How Recruiters and AI Will Work Together


Friday Five: How tech will change every stage of employee life-cycle


Is “Gamification” the new assessment game changer?

 What is gamification? Well many of us might have a basic idea as to what the term might mean, as the name evidently suggests the idea behind it. Most commonly defined, gamification is the method of using gaming layout aesthetics and mechanics alongside game thinking in scenarios that are typically not recreational. The use of gamification in the business recruitment, motivational and educational environments have grown to a greater aspect since its inception in the year 2010 by Professor Karl Kapp.

Recruitment 3.0: Changing Methods for Changing Times

Hiring Seasonal Workers? How to Hire the Right Candidate

Hiring a staff of seasonal workers can be tough. Whether you are a restaurant getting ready for a busy summer tourism season or a retail store that does half its annual business near the holidays, you likely face the same hiring challenges every year.

HDFC and Talview Awarded Best HR System Project

HDFC Bank and Talview received the award for Best HR System Project in The Asian Banker Technology Innovation Awards. The award ceremony was held in conjunction with the prestigious Asian Banker Summit 2017, the foremost annual meeting for decision makers in the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region, held at the MAX Atria@Singapore EXPO, Singapore.

There is no MS17-010 (Ransomware WannaCry) Impact to Talview Products

On 14th Match, 2017, Microsoft released a security bulletin titled Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 - Critical also known as MS17-010.

Why Should HR Embrace Disruptive Technology?

Technology has been incorporated into every aspect of business these days. Various HR functions have also been touched by the waves of digitization. This is not just limited to various new models of working but encompasses artificial intelligence and robotic automation as well.

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Talview to Participate in Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow 2017

Talview, a leading talent assessment technology startup based in Singapore and Bangalore, will participate in the Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow happening in the US during the last week of April. CEOs from 14 startups from across the globe are invited to be part of the roadshow which includes a meeting with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

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Can Chatbots really help recruiters?

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Pearson partners with Talview, adds a feature to Versant – Proctoring

The latest feature helps you reach out to remote talent, without having to worry on authentication. Reducing changes of candidate impersonation and fraud.

What You Need to Know About Resume Fraud and Its Consequences

How Talview Improved Lead Quality 2000% via Channel Optimization

As marketers, we all put a lot of efforts in various marketing channels - SEO, email marketing, webinars, trade shows, social media, the list goes on. However, not all of us actively measure the return on investment. It is natural to assume that the more the channels you cover, the better you will do. However, identifying and focusing on the right channels can make or break the outcome of your marketing efforts and growth.

A Guide to Using Video Interviews Effectively for Hiring


Recruiting has moved a long way from pen and paper format to online job boards, social media and now video interviews.

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Mobile Recruitment - A Hiring Method You Should've Opted Yesterday

01 Introduction

5 Strategies to Build a High-Performance Sales Force

Personality Test for Employment - Why You Need It

Talview Wins 2017 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Talent Management Solution

Talview | IBM Beacon Award Winner - Outstanding Talent Management Solution from Talview on Vimeo.

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120 Best Interview Questions for Employers

Answers to 5 Top Questions About Online Coding Tests

IM (Talview) Featured in NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 2013

Talview, then Interview Master was featured in Nasscom emerge 50, 2013 in the Start-Ups section. Read the entire report below or access the PDF here

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Why Social Media Recruiting Techniques are Important?

Top 3 Hiring Challenges in the Health Sciences Industry

Employers in the pharma and biotechnology sectors can face many special hiring challenges in efforts to attract and retain top talent. By recognizing these challenges and the impact they can have on hiring - HR teams throughout the healthcare industry can improve their chances of success in both attracting and retaining top quality job candidates.

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iCIMS ATS and Talview Integration and Partnership



Talview, leading Online Assessment, Video Interviewing and Coding Test Platform, announced a partnership with iCIMS , a leading provider of innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions .
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Online Proctoring is Trending: Here is All You Should Know About It

E-learning is the future of learning, the global eLearning market is now $100 billion plus. The rapid growth the elearning industry has created needs for various supporting technologies.

12 Things to Know about Video Interviewing Software in 2019

I founded Interview Master back in 2013 when Video Interviewing was still an emerging space. Today it is mainstream, with all the leading organizations using it in one way or the other. 

[Stats] Mobile Recruitment: How to Get it Right

Recruiting methods don’t matter if you are a small or big business or a huge corporation, but if you have not gone mobile recruitment methods, you are definitely way behind in the candidate’s line of a prospective employer. The trend has already started - a considerable portion of the talent comes to your company via a mobile recruiting experience. Candidates access your career website on mobile, apply on mobile, and communicate with your recruiters & hiring managers on mobile. Start using smartphone for hiring & engagement. This opens up a huge opportunity to attract and engage the right talent. So, if your company doesn’t have one, you should be writing an email to the manager suggesting your company employ a mobile strategy for talent engagement and acquisition.

₹500 & ₹1000 Bills Banned: 3 Ways Employers Can Help Job Applicants

Facebook timelines are flooded with political memes, jokes, posts and articles. It’s either about the demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000 bills in India by Narendra Modi or about Donald Trump being chosen the 45th President of the United States of America. Well, there isn’t anything we can do at this point about the presidential elections. But the demonetization of the ₹500 and ₹1000 has really put job applicants in a fix. As employers here are three ways you can show you care about the candidates.

12 Ways to Use a Video Interview Platform

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How to Hire B-School Graduates Through Campus Recruitment

How to Hire Quality Engineers through Campus Recruitment

Notions Associated with Video Interviews

When you consider Video Interviewing or online interviews, we have most likely a wide range of dissenting thoughts spring to mind. In any case, have you ever truly taken an ideal opportunity to check whether these thoughts had any truth behind them?

Seasonal Hiring Tricks - Why They are Important

Every organization does require seasonal staff now and then however we need clients consistently. It's truly vital to recollect that a fleeting contract can be a long haul customer so here are seven personas that one needs to keep in mind for the next sessions of hiring:

How To Improve Candidate Experience with Personalized Hiring Strategy

The recruitment process of today is way different in terms of many hooks such as candidates experience, fast recruitment, talent engagement and so on. Running a successful business is not a cup of tea. In fact, you need to give it all you have to make your presence known. In keeping the momentum, your human resource should be proactive in finding the right fit. Recruiting needs to revamp its base to become a more oriented, approachable process. Candidates are no more satisfied with vague job descriptions, impersonal emails, and traditional going. Here comes the need of personalization.

Personalization of recruiting process can bridge the gap between the candidates and the employer.

Do you have what it takes to be an Expert Recruiter?

5 Best Tips to Hire the Quality Employees

Hiring someone from a pool of many sounds like trying to find a needle in sand. Of course, it’s not easy to get the dependable skills of many candidates in one. To hire the right person for the job, you have to look past candidates' resumes and cover letters and learn more about them as people. To win the battle of business, you need to have a strong, skilled, sensible, and resourceful army.

3 Things Every Company Should Look Upon While Recruiting

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Talview Quarter At a Glance (April -August 2016)

Here is the second video of "Talview at a glance!" A video that offers an insight into everything that happened at Talview since April to August 2016. See who we partnered with, who our new clients are, our social media activities, everything we did in five months in just under 2 minutes!

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7 Tricks For Seasonal Hiring

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Free Video Mock Interview App

Mock interviews are a basic part of any career administration offering by giving students a chance to both works on the communication and to work through their communication methods.The masters say!

Key Benefits of Video Interviews – The Clients' Take

Saves Time by Replacing Phone Interviews

"Previously, I would have directed a 45-minute telephone talk, then I'd assembled a brief summary of the discussion and a smaller than normal report on every applicant for the customer with my proposal to either continue or not. That all takes up a considerable measure of my time."

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5 Reasons Why Virtual Interviews Are Beneficial

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Social Media Inspection: Is That The Right Way To Go?

A lot of times employees put up posts on glassdoor about some bad experiences that they may have had at their workplaces. Posts such as these can lead to be a cause for trouble for the employee, any such post made can be considered as a show of disloyalty to your company. 

How A LinkedIn Profile Can Give You An Extra Edge

A technology savvy job seeker would definitely have a LinkedIn profile, however, some of these profiles are not always up to the mark which results in them getting lesser responses online. There are certain key pointers that if kept in mind while creating the LinkedIn profile can do wonders for the job seeker.

Social Media as a Recruitment Platform

Social Media is a popular tool with regards to marketing and content delivery, organizations have specific teams assigned to handle the social media aspect of their brand. However, social media has proved to be a vital resource in terms of the recruitment process. A large amount of information with regards to candidates can be collected from these social media platforms and can be a base for analyzing and making the final decision to hire. Some of these advantages of the social media platform are:

Hiring: The Big Struggle With Big Data

HR professionals today face a big problem; their inability to handle big data has proved to be a hindrance in a systematic and efficient mechanism of hiring professionals. There are a number of challenges that HR professional face with respect to big data.

Talent Assessment: A Boon or Sunken Ship?

Talent Assessment Market is considered to be one of the most lucrative businesses right now. There are three major vendors available in this market:

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The Changing Scenarios of Recruitment Process

Employment inquiries have progressed significantly from beating the roads throughout the day in the trusts of finding a vacant position. Enrollment specialists have additionally encountered an adjustment in the enlisting scene by accessing more data about candidates than any time in recent memory. Newly created programming and the development of online systems has been a genuine distinct advantage for both bosses and employment seekers. Gone are the days when questioners and occupation seekers strolled into their interviews aimlessly. In today's profoundly associated and straightforward world, they commonly explore each other well ahead of time.

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How To Improve Candidate Experience

It’s often heard that the quality of employees joining an organization is deteriorating in terms of the skills possessed by the candidates. Managers aren’t satisfied with the performance of their employeesand the constant look out for the skilled candidate neverends. However, has anyone given a thought to the fact that maybe the right candidates would arrive if the right candidate experience is provided to them.

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An Invitation to Write for Talview Blog - Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post:

4 Best Ways to Reach Passive Candidates

Recruiters are the seekers of candidates as a part of their profession. But as a recruiter, have you ever wondered how do candidates want to be contacted by the recruiters? Well, if not, I think you should give it a thought.

How To Make Good Hiring Decisions

Researches suggest that most hiring managers make decisions based on biases rather than objective comparative analysis of the candidates. This, obviously, is not the right approach towards recruiting, biases can result in selection of the wrong candidate for the job, a decision they might regret in the future.

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How Talent Analytics Can Help Improve Recruiting

Organizations have been unable to identify the huge potential in the talent analytics data has in determining the success, this can also be due to the fact that HR do not supply this data until it has been asked for. However, it is now time to proactive and uses this abundant data in the solving real business challenges. Big data analysis can help you comprehend the genuine qualities of effective representatives. With prescient investigation, you can measure the relative significance of various qualities, and you can figure which candidates will turn into your future superior workers.

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The Performance Indicators to Consider While Recruiting

Setting up the right metrics during recruitment is not an easy task, it is very important to consider all the options that you have available and then make the right decision about the key performance indicators that you would consider to select employees during a recruitment process. There generally aren’t industry standards and most organizations lack the tools to identify the right metrics to judge from the data they have at their disposal. As an HR leader, its very important to understand the right parameters for judging the candidate, especially in the case of sales organizations where the personality and attitude of the candidate matter a lot.

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5 Best Fundamentals of Recruiting to Hold for Lifetime

Recruiting is something that should map the company and the candidates properly for the whole betterment. In today’s era of recruitment, things have drastically changed or we can say worsened. It has been noticed that many times either company gets irritated or the candidates.

How to deal with Low Performers

Every team has a few members whose performance is not up to the mark. Dealing with such performers is the most challenging task for many managers. A manager just cannot ignore the performer as it directly affects the performance of other team members. If a manager ignores the low performer then his work needs to be completed by the other team members which add a lot of burden on the shoulders of other team members. Due to this, the performance of the whole team goes down, which proves out to be a major loss for the company. Let’s have a look at some of the methods to deal with low performers:

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Why Digital Interviews Are The Way to Go?

With a large number of potential employees entering the market every year, selecting the right candidate for the job becomes a very tedious process and reliance on resumes can often be misleading. Especially, considering the fact that some of the organizations rely on agencies for the screening of the resumes, the decisions are often based on biases for a specific school or towards a particular candidate which ultimately leads to the right candidates not being able to make the cut. Digital Interviewing permits you to rapidly locate the best candidate for your open positions, giving you more profound bits of knowledge into your candidate’s identities, abilities, and interests and helps you identify the best individuals to meet with vis-à-vis.

How To Ensure Your Employees' Happiness?

An engaged employee is characterized as one who is completely consumed by and excited about their work thus makes positive move to encourage the association's notoriety and interests. But how does one ensure that their employees are happy and feel connected to their organization? Well, the answer to that is a few simple tips that any company can apply.

How Company Culture Affects The Employees

The Wikipedia definition for organizational culture states, “Behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors.”, however, this just gives a basic overview of the whole concept and does not really explain it. A company’s culture is basically defined by two components, i.e., the way a company runs and what are the values the company shares. A company’ s culture is pre-existing in the basic DNA of the organization and is something that the employees of the firm carry with them. The company culture is defined by a number of factors, such as the vision and mission of the company, the values that the company is based on, norms defined by the firm, system, language, beliefs, and habits that are followed by the company. All of these are integral components that help the employees and the consumers to identify the culture of the organization. The culture of an organization has a substantial impact on the employees of the firm, this is what helps them identify and connect to their organization. A company which believes in the certain set of values passes it on as a legacy through the years, if every employee connects to these values then they would be associated with the company for a longer period of time, they learn more, participate more and enjoy the time they spend in the organization.

North America and Eurasia's 13 HR Influencers You Must Follow

See Top HR Influencers from:
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APAC Region's 13 Top HR Influencers You Must Follow

Human Resource is the driving force of today’s organizational culture and processes. It is something essential for the programming of the company’s operations properly.

Human Resources are the set as well as growing pillars of the organization. HR is submitting its presence throughout the world as there are companies expanding their businesses throughout the world.

Check out top 12 things one should know about video interviewing in this detailed blog post.

To be focused and accurate in your HR strategies and processes, you need to find a mentor whom you could follow directly or indirectly. Here are top hr influencers from APAC who knows everything about HR and are capable enough to give suggestions, guidance of theirs to anyone.

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India's 13 Inspiring HR Influencers You Must Follow

See Top HR Influencers from:

The arena of Human Resource is different for different countries. With the deviations from country to country, there should be deviations in strategies also.

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TalQuest'16 | Talview Conference Overview

TalQuest'16 took place at Le Meridien, Bangalore on Wed, Aug 17, 2016.We saw a footfall of ~100 people. We, at Talview would like to thank everyone who attended the event. Maybe, the guests were being polite but going by our informal and the formal survey, TalQuest'16was thought to be a well planned and executed event (the after-parties weren't bad either).

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Best Use of Technology In HR

The Award for Best Use of Technology in HR by Talent Acquisition teams in traditional sectors like Retail, Pharma and BFSI.

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Best Campus Hiring

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Best Candidate Experience

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Innovation in Recruitment

Pushparaj Rai, VF Corp receiveing the Innovation award from Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO Talview

TalQuest'16 | Recognizing Excellence In HR Technology-TalQuest Awards

TalQuest'16 Awards recognize excellence in the field of talent acquisition and HR in categories such as Innovation in Recruitment, Best Candidate Experience, Best Campus Hiring Process, and Best Use of Technology in HR.

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TalQuest'16 | Understanding Recruitment Troubles - Research Report

Sanjoe Tom Jose - CEO Talview, presenting the results of the study

TalQuest'16 | Digital Disruption in HR - IBM Keynote

 From Left: Sudhir Rao - Lead Solutions Consultant, Smarter Workforce Solutions, IBM and Nick Kouma - Senior Client Partner, Smarter Workforce Asia Pacific, IBM

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TalQuest'16 | Importance of Behavioural Fitment in Hiring

Professor R Ravi Kumar addresses the gathering at le Meridien, Bangalore

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TalQuest'16 | Talview Talent Insights - The Launch Note

The Most Anticipated Launch of Talview Talent Insights by Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO - Talview

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TalQuest'16 | HR Technology Today and Unsolved Business Problems.

How Video Interviews Reduce Recruiter's Workload

4 Disastrous HR Mistakes to Avoid Right Now

Keeping the major resources and assets of your business is definitely a good practice to follow. The Human Resource is the only reliable department of a company which possesses the flexibility to drive the most significant asset of the business i.e. The People. So, appropriately HR department should keep its shoulders strong enough to tackle the challenges. Yet, managing human resources is an enigmatic responsibility, especially in a start-up as they have less experience in supervising others. Here are some disastrous mistakes HR must avoid gaining the best results.

TalQuest  2016 - Launch Of Talview Talent Insights

Talview Talent Insights is the world’s first hiring solution that harnesses the power of Advanced Data Science, Machine Learning Algorithms, Video-Audio Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Psycholinguistics, and Speech Recognition along with the experience of enabling three million video responses to help companies build better teams. Talview Talent Insights is a futuristic hiring tool that redefines hiring to help discover the candidate. An IBM Watson powered tool that helps companies gain the competitive advantage by building better teams faster than the competition and also reduces the time to hire by up to 75%, increases the quality of hire by 30-40% and reduce resource requirement by 60%.

3 Soft Skills Needed by Every Great Leader

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A 360° Perspective on the Perfect Candidate Experience

5 Best Ways To Recruit Using LinkedIn and Instagram

Can You Get Your New Hires to Stop Quitting?

Hiring Manager's Problem: Deciding on the Best Candidate

Cognitive Analytics To The Rescue

My boss and I had decided we need more people in the team. We set up assessments sent out invites - they were mostly freshers or referrals. I got notified that candidates took the assessments - I shortlisted a few and sent the videos over to my boss. He further shortlisted a few and sent it back asking me to make the final selection. I was so confused whom to hire! I started browsing the internet for articles on how to make better decisions while hiring. First of all, there weren’t many articles to help me with and to top that some articles told me I should check their behavior and what not. I wasn’t going to do all that!

10 Most Effective Tips for Social Recruitment

Social recruiting is the new and trending method of recruitment. Recruiters are looking for a better candidate pool that should be diverse in every sense. The social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are the primary data source for finding the diverse and wide candidate pool with all the information needed.

Why Is Behaviour Fitment Important In Any Work Place?

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Reinvent Your Business with Cognitive Analytics before it's Too Late

Don't Settle for Anything Less than Gold for Your Business - Use Cognitive Analytics in Hiring

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Cognitive Analytics for perfect hire in shortest time


Analyze Daenerys' Chances to Win the Throne with Talview Talent Insights


Talview Month At a glance - March 2016

Talview Digital Video Interviews introduces Talview at a glance! A video that offers an insight into everything that happened at Talview since January 2016. See who we partnered with, who our new clients are, our social media activities; everything we did in three months in just under 2 minutes!

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Talview Video Interviews and IBM Kenexa Brassring Integration and Partnership


Talview, a leading Online Assessment, Video Interviewing and Coding Test Platform, announced today a partnership with IBM Kenexa BrassRing, a global ATS used to attract, engage and hire talent.

Passive Recruiting: How to Hire Tech candidates

Tech talent is notoriously hard to find and all the more hard to hire. The “best and the brightest” already have jobs, you should always strive to hire potential superstars; it's all in the chance that you give someone to prove themselves. Tech skills are in high demand and low supply; it is suspected that by 2020, there will be more than one million unfilled programming jobs. Along with shortage of talent, difficulty in accurately finding tech candidates is what's creating this gap.

7 Illegal Questions to Avoid During Interviews

Recruiting is a necessary and an integral part of any business expansion efforts. Before starting the recruiting process, it is important to be aware of the legal framework within which you can function.

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Is Recruitment Marketing Just Another Buzzword for HR?

Why is there a marketing team for your business? To make your business look better than most your rivals; to ensure that there is a constant connection between your contacts and the company.

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Importance of Employee Perception

What is perception? Not necessarily something based on reality, it can just be a perspective an individual has based on one’s view of a particular situation. When we talk about an organization, what matters the most are the employees and so what they perceive about the organization itself becomes key to its growth. Reality may be different but how employees view the reality is something for organizations to look at.

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Knowing Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO Talview

Sanjoe Tom Jose founded Talview in 2012 and has been driving the vision and strategy since inception. He is also responsible for new initiatives and product strategy at Talview. Sanjoe is passionate about building technologies that help make hiring easy. He is currently working on a cutting-edge AI technology that can impact the world.

If Talent Is Your TOP Priority - You Need A Recruitment Fix

There was a study a little less than a year ago about how CEOs and CIOs know recruiting the right people is critical for company success. They are aware that talent acquisition is one of their companies’ biggest challenges, but despite this knowledge, they aren’t taking necessary steps to improve recruiting efforts or address the challenge of finding the right talent, then there company needs recruitment fix.

HR KPIs: What Hiring Metrics Do You Need to Track?

2016 Union Budget: The Impact on Job Creation

Job creation and infrastructure investment are critical for the country. The 2016 Union budget did not have any announcements that might have a direct impact on job creation but it did not disappoint also. Multiple initiatives launched can influence job creation and their fulfillment in years to come.

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Standardizing Hiring Process for Unparalleled Results

As a CEO of a video recruitment platform, I have come across a lot of interesting hiring practices. This article speaks about reasons why a company should have a consistent hiring process and how to achieve it without much effort.

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Hiring Trends: Recruiting Priorities for All Businesses in 2016

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Building Efficient Talent Pipelines to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Boosting Employer Brand With Better Candidate Experience

You've been hearing the buzz about building employer/company brand among candidates. But you haven't  seen any tangible results on this and that makes you skeptical about this whole phenomenon. With some experience on hiring the first few employees for my company, I can say that though the results are not tangible at first, you'll see how your employees respect your organization and speak highly of it which  ultimately does good for the employer brand. Providing the right experience to candidates from the sourcing  to on-boarding, your candidates can be your brand ambassadors.

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Recruitment Marketing 101: Working on Negative Glassdoor Reviews

It is very important to neutralize negative candidate experience before you start any recruitment marketing efforts to attract new candidates.

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6 Strategies To Get Passive Candidates Onboard

Are you blaming a diminished candidate pool for your open position at your company? That's probably because you are looking in all the wrong places - and at the wrong people. This article will help you find out how to attract candidates who may not be looking for you.

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How Mobile Recruitment is Changing Hiring Experience

Over the last two years, the technological advancement has dramatically changed people's interaction skills, perception, and information consumption. This has a positive effect (most notably) on Mobile recruitment as job seekers apply for jobs on mobile. As a result, recruiters have to adapt and work towards capturing the attention of today’s job seekers.

The Demise of Applicant Tracking Systems

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Smart Recruiters ATS and Talview Video Interviews Integration and Partnership


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Hiring Toolkit for Smart Recruiters

Recruiters are always in a constant effort to hire the best out there, and it takes quite some time and energy to convert the status of Candidate to New Hire.

Talview is presenting all the recruiters and HR's with an easy-to-use hiring toolkit that comprises of - 

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LinkedIn & Video Interviews:A Combination for Passive Candidate Hiring

Finding candidates is like a treasure hunt, the deeper you search, better quality treasure is bound to follow. It is an added benefit when you can pick more valuables along the path to your ultimate treasure. It all depends on you to look deep enough.

Candidate's View of Video Interview with Talview!

Why Paper Resume Isn't The Best Way To Gauge Talent

Recruiting for hospitality sector is a grueling task as good communication lies at the heart of hospitality jobs. Greeting guests, ordering supplies for the kitchen, answering customer queries about services – your reputation is built on the thousands of interactions that go on every day between your employees and your clients. Paper resumes could be deceiving - sometimes candidates might have exceptional written skills but zero verbal communication or vice versa. There is no way to know the subtlety of the candidate's attributes on a resume. It is not advisable to compromise on quality of staff as they are the most important aspects of running a hospitality business. Sifting through a pile of resumes and screening them personally can fritter away a considerable amount of time.

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Be a Recruiter Not Just a Process Coordinator!

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Why Use Online Interviews and Assessments for Hiring?

You are endlessly approving job fairs and campus drives, constantly in an argument with the board members why it's you are not able to hire enough people on time for a new project or line of business. But it’s an open secret that you are limited in your ability to reach out to candidates - the board members know it too. There are umpteen advisors out there who’ll tell you how to improve hiring, they are also likely going to list a number of things for you to implement in the recruitment process like:

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Effective Time Management Notes from Talview CEO, Sanjoe Tom Jose

Most people never master time management on a personal level -- what time to wake up, what chore to finish first, assignments are usually past deadline -- but the stakes aren't especially high in that venue. Time management at workplace, on the other hand, is a critically important skill to master. Skip a few deadlines at work and you are likely to hear a word or two from your boss... probably even co-workers, as their work might depend on completion of yours. Hence, mastering time will ensure you finish all task in time, in fact you will even find time some time for yourself. Many times, we miss tasks that were discussed but were low priority at the time of discussion or were supposed to be executed sometime in future or just because nobody followed up on them. I am sharing some tips that have worked for me in task management.

‘Mis-hires’ Eroding Your Global Business?

In an effort to expand businesses, leverage the low-cost advantage; many foreign companies establish offices overseas. Finding top talent that is retentive and more importantly, that matches the cultural aspect of the organization is a very daunting task. Hence, recruiting process becomes very critical for the success of these initiatives.

Unseen Cost of a Bad Hire

Candidate On-boarding: Recruitment Paperwork Over Mobile

Once the candidates have been selected, it is important that the credentials be thoroughly checked. With a mobile app candidates can scan documents and share it with recruiters for internal processing or sending to the background check vendors. This ensures no time has been wasted or no manual labor is put in to verify candidate claims. Once the verification comes through, it's time for on-boarding and induction.

Hassle Free Selection over Live Video Interviews

The initial screening process helps you weed out most of the misfits. At this stage, recruiters usually call for a one-on-one interview for further understanding of the candidate - but time and resources are always a constraint, scheduling and multiple cancellations are annoying.

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The Unknown Secrets Of Online Assessments And Code Tests

Online Assessment

Record Video Log For Future Reference Recorded video interviews can be shared with colleagues and used as an earmark for future candidate search. Businesses can also use these videos for Stereo-lithography(SLA) or audit purposes.

Audio Enabled Video Monitoring Candidate integrity is measured with the option of audio- visual support, it's easy to find out if a third person is feeding answers into candidate. 

How To Hire A Programmer (Even If You don't Have Coding Skills)

Today, every company is also a software company in some way or the other. Developers are the ones who are often tasked with pushing the envelope, helping you simulate, iterate and innovate faster than ever. Regardless of the industry your company is in or its size, hiring talented developers is critical for business to thrive. They are also in high demand, and not easily wooed by free passes or weekend retreats.

Mobile Hiring: Screening Candidates on Mobile

Gauging candidate competency is important, resumes alone don’t give you insights into a candidate's persona. Scheduling for direct interview can be daunting for candidates as travelling, taking leaves or cancelling on existing plans can be difficult. It will also be counter productive for the employer to invest time in meeting every candidate who has applied.

Sales Hiring with Video Interviews - A comparison

The illustration above depicts how centralized hiring with Talview can considerably improve candidate quality of sales hiring and hence increase performance of the company over conventional hiring.

Mobile Hiring: One-touch Apply and Acknowledgement

Having a mobile-based application form is one of the most critical aspect in the mobile based hiring spectrum. An application form which is readily available and easy to fill; expedites the hiring process by significantly reducing the time to fill applications. In addition to this most recruitment mobile apps have provision to pull information from social networks like Linkedin which pre-populates application forms for the job.

Video Interviews for Hiring Better Performing Sales Staff

In the previous post, we spoke of revolutionizing recruitment with video interviews. In today’s post we will discuss how video interviews help hiring better performing sales candidates.

Mobile Hiring: Real time Engagement of Candidates

This phase in the hiring space is very crucial - candidates keep receiving job alerts every day. Offering them with company insights, why your company is a better place to work at and facilities provided - are a few things that recruiters must consider.

Shift in Hiring Pendulum By Video Interview!

Video Interviews for Field Sales Hiring

The illustration above depicts how centralized hiring with Talview can considerably improve candidate quality and hence increase performance of the company over conventional hiring.

New Job? Look Beyond Salary

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Mobile Hiring - Easy Discovery and Identification

This is the first step into hiring someone - identifying competent candidates for the set job description with a better candidate experience. It could be over a wide array of employment websites, social media networks, contextual searches, location based searches, or employee referral hiring. Candidates will update their profiles on a platform which is mobile based more frequently than web since they have 24x7 access to it and this ensures that you are searching through relevant profiles.

Knowing Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO Talview

Sanjoe Tom Jose founded Talview in 2017 and has been driving the vision and strategy since inception. He is also responsible for new initiatives and product strategy at Talview. Sanjoe is passionate about building technologies that help make hiring easy. He is currently working on a cutting-edge AI technology that can impact the world.

Video Proctored Written Assessment

Talview Remote Proctored Written Assessments is world’s only video proctored written assessment that is also available to candidates on smartphones. The info-graphics below depicts how Talview helps recruiters in simplifying the process of hiring with Video proctored written assessment.

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Why You Should Replace Telephonic Interviews for Video Interviews!

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Automated Video Interviews for Competitive Advantage

The illustration below depicts how Automated Video Interviews can considerably improve the hiring process, reduce the burden on recruiter and help bring in more quality candidate in less time. Hence, video interviews help provide an edge over competition in hiring better quality candidate.

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Talent Acquisition Ecosystem - Mobile Hiring Trends

Hiring Innovation is vital - companies struggle to fill jobs on a global basis despite high unemployment rate worldwide. There’s an obvious mismatch between the available roles in organizations and the talent in the global pool. Is the outdated hiring process to be blamed for it?

Quality Candidates: How online Interviews can Bridge the Gap

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Mobile Recruitment Strategy - 101

Video Interviews : Why Skype Will not Cut the Deal

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Redefining Campus Hiring with HR Technology

The illustration below depicts how hiring with Talview through video interviews can considerably improve candidate quality and hence increase performance of the company over traditional hiring

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Time for a Second Thought on Campus Recruitment

The following scenario of a campus recruitment of a mid tier company and I would rate it somewhat a well organized one, possibly due to lower volume of candidates. I have discussed cases in which, there are more than 1000 students and the process extends well past mid night. This all seems as a manageable work from a recruiting teams perspective but from a candidate who is probably waiting for his first job, this experience is definitely not that great.

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Fresh Talent Hired with Video Interviews.


A Quick Guide to Ace Automated Video Interviews


You just received a word from the human resources manager that your resume has made the cut for a coveted job. Interview process starts here.

Future of Big Data in Recruitment


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6 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Go Mobile in Hiring

In an age where the youth is driving technology rapidly, it becomes imperative that businesses catch up too or staying at the top will prove to be a herculean task. When hundreds of millions are hooked on to their mobile devices,

Video Interviewing: How does it work?

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3 Smarter Hiring Methods for Better Results

Hiring has been the backbone of all organizations. The best brains are hired through stringent analysis by various resources in the industry.

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How Big Data Brings Better Recruits

How Does Big Data Find Candidates?

Why Use Big Data in Recruitment Process


Changing Scenarios: Using Big Data in Hiring

The economy of the country is picking up pace and this has led to a swell in the number of private sector employees’ attrition rate. In such environment the cost of hiring and training new talent make a significant dent in any organization’s bottom line.

Video Interview Etiquettes: The Do's and Don'ts

Recruitment using Instagram [3 Simple Steps]

Hiring Troubles: Getting the Right Talent at The Right Time

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Extensive Guide: Nailing a Skype/Online Video Interview

You have just received word from the human resources manager that your resume has made the cut for your dream job. Next up is the interview! The job interview is your chance to create a positive impression of yourself. It can be the vital game-changer, defining whether the door of opportunity opens for you or slams itself shut.

Recognizing Effective Ways to Hire Right Candidates

No industry can survive without hiring. And do believe when we say hiring is an exhaustive and time-consuming process. There has never been a dearth of candidates. However, recognizing a candidate who has the conviction, commitment and skill is quite a task. The real test of an HR recruiter lies in choosing the right candidate for the right job. Remember, great organizations begin with great hiring.

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Video Interviews: Does Body Language Matter?

7 Tips to a Successful Skype/Online Video Interview

Gone are the days of scanning news dailies for job advertisements, you would mark the job listings of your choice, call up the office and fix up an interview. With time, traditional ways have paved the way to newer and advanced methods and approaches. The Internet has arrived. It has come to stay, impact way of life and make it a necessary tool to the humanity. Recruitment processes are more seamless and systematic with the digital approach. To the hiring space – various technology has come and gone, and some stayed, like the ATS. There’s a new phenomenon in the West called Video Interviews. They have explored it, like it and embraced it. Indian organizations are following the pursuit and employing video interviews.

Reasons Why Video Interviews will Modernize Your Hiring Process

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What is Candidate Experience and why is it Important ?

Hiring process consists of 4 primary stages which are sourcing, screening, selection and on-boarding.

The way a job seeker perceives and reacts to each of these 4 stages of hiring is known as Candidate Experience.

Candidate Experience, the new buzz word in Human Resources is not just limited to recruitment process but also extends to the perception of people working in the organization. This concept emerged from the humane approach which surfaced after Hawthorne studies.

Reduce Time To Hire - Addressing Every Recruiter's Woe

There's an adage that goes something like, "monkey see, monkey do" and this is true when it comes to maiming the West. Everything they do we do, even when it is not relevant or applicable.  However, if a technology like online interviews, video assessments, applicant tracking system,  can reduce the time to hire exponentially, why the hesitation? It's not too late, let's be the early adopters and not laggards,

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Solving Time to Hire with a Simple Solution

Handling Impossible Interview Questions with a Kickass Formula

Video Interview: Tips, Techniques and Mistakes to Avoid!

To error is human. However, if you can avoid the erring, you could stand a chance at impressing your future employers during your online video interview. Here are some job Video Interview mistakes you should avoid.

Career Guide: How to Begin your Career in Sales/Marketing?

When one begins a career, there are a lot of hopes and aspirations. We look forward to a vibrant career where we will meet many people and get involved in a lot of action. However, in the initial stages of our career, most of us face many problems which dispirit us, degrade our enthusiasm and sometimes even force us to question our career choice. In this post, I try to discuss some of the challenges we face as beginners in this field.

Going Beyond Resumes with Automated Video Interviews

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3 Simple Tips to Crack any Job Interview

Your big interview is coming up! I know it is a scary situation. After all, if you don’t make a good impression - you won’t land that job! There is no quick way to get rid of the anxiety of going to a job selection process. The truth is if the idea of going to an interview makes you nervous when you get there - you will also be nervous. However, if you prepare yourself and arm yourself with great interview tools and skills - you will be able to calm yourself some, instead of going into a frenzy.

How to Look Great on Online Interviews or Skype Interviews?

Prepping For the First Job Interview

No matter how senior you are in your career, an interview always gives you blues; especially if you are in a situation where you need to change the job. Given that, we can easily assume that for a fresher attending an interview for his first job Interview gives the biggest blues. Moreover, the first job is crucial to take your career in the right path.

Pros & Cons of Online Video Interviews - A Recruiter's Guide

In recruitment industry, the need of the hour is to reduce recruitment cycle without affecting the quality of candidates. If we look at the traditional recruitment cycle of any firm, one of the primary steps would be a pre-screening interview.

Prepping For the First Job Interview

No matter how senior you are in your career, an interview always gives you blues; especially if you are in a situation where you need to change the job. Given that, we can easily assume that for a fresher attending an interview for his first job Interview gives the biggest blues. Moreover, the first job is crucial to take your career in the right path.

Before any interview, you should have the belief that you are the best bet for the job being offered. You have to believe that you can do the job better than anybody else who is applying for the same job. Once you are confident, the right answers, the right gestures will come to you on your own. There was a period in my life where I couldn’t convert any of the interviews I attended. I was worried about another interview which was scheduled, and my friend asked me why I should be worried as my resume is much stronger and more suitable for the job than anyone else. I went with the same belief to the interview, and I got the job with a coveted private equity firm. On hindsight, my resume was not very different from others who had applied for the same job. It was my belief that I am better which helped me get the job. Since then I have never walked out of an interview without a job.

One thing which can win over any panel member is a passion for the segment in which the prospective employer operates. I remember being asked in an interview, why I wanted to join this organization rather than accepting an offer I had from a better paying company which works in the same field. My answer was I just love what the company does, and I spent most of my time reading and tracking what is happening in online space. That answer got me the job.

Another important aspect is to gauge the person who is taking your interview rightly. There is no one size fits all solution for interviews. Your approach should differ from person to person. You should be able to judge that in first three minutes of the interview. Honest individuals while being very open about their plans might land up in trouble with some employers. Both, interviewer and the interviewee tend to demonstrate their expertise.

But you can’t put all the advice into practice without preparation. Getting the right practice at the right time is very critical. It is equally important to be able to track your performance across interviews and take necessary steps to improve aspects where you are lacking. Feedback from the right people is also essential. The best place to get feedback from is an alumnus from same industry or organization. I know that you will be wondering how will this be possible. Lack of flexibility in terms of time & location for candidate and evaluator is one of the major hindrances in right interview practice.

Effective Candidate Evaluation over Online Interview Tool

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Do's and Don'ts of An Automated Video Interview

How To Improve Your Interview Performance

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