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An Invitation to Write for Talview Blog - Guest Post Guidelines

Published: September 19, 2016 In:

Guest Post:

We are excited to announce that we now welcome guest posts for the Talview blog! We are looking for highly relevant and useful information to be written for our readers and customers. Presently, we are looking to publish one guest blog per week. Please follow these guidelines before submitting a guest blogging request.


Guest post content should be focused on practical and actionable information on one of the following five topics:

  • Hiring Best Practices
  • HR Technology
  • Candidate Experience
  • Hiring Analytics
  • Social Hiring

Content Guidelines:

  1. You agree not to publish the post elsewhere, including your own blog or Web site.

  2. You may, however, post a brief snippet or summary on your site that links to the Talview post.

  3. Please make sure to check the topics and read some previous posts to get a feel for our audience and to ensure you are not writing what is already been written.

  4. We’ll review it, suggest any changes if needed and schedule it to publish.

  5. We reserve the right to edit your submission.

  6. Please ensure proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content is referenced in the article.

  7. Please attach images (we might change it). Please include a direct link for crediting if the image is not yours.

  8. Make sure your post isn’t self-promotional; you are in service of the readers.

  9. You are allowed to use one link that leads to your website.

  10. Include a short bio at the end of the post and your social media profile link.

Engagement Guidelines

For maximum exposure, we expect you to share your post published on Talview blog across social media. If there are any query from the readers, we expect you to engage with them.

Submitting Your Guest Post

If your articles meet the above guidelines, you may be submit them here:

  • Attach your guest blog in a Google Docs file so we have better tranparency on the edits made to it.
  • Be sure to include your contact information so we know how best to get a hold of you.
  • In the Google Docs, please also tell us briefly about yourself, your Web site, readership and social media networks

Post Submission Process

Please allow 5-7 business days to hear back from us once you’ve submitted your guest post or topic idea. Upon review of your post or topic idea, We will consider how it meets the guidelines and how the topic fits with our editorial direction at this point in time.

Your post may be accepted as is, or with minor edits for greater clarity, grammar and punctuation. We may provide a short introduction or conclusion to provide context as to why we believe the post is important to our readers. If we feel your post is on-point but needs more substantive changes, we will email you back with our thoughts and request for revision.

Please understand that we are not obligated to publish a post you have submitted. Do not be offended if your post is not accepted for publication. It could be very well written, but just not the right topic or message for this particular time. If your post is rejected, you are obviously free to do whatever you want with it.

Thanks again for your interest in being a guest blogger on Talview blog. We look forward to receiving your submission. We will work hard to ensure not only a smooth process, but a great outcome for our readers along with your success as well.

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Written by: Team Talview

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