Abenaya Gunasekaran


A Definitive Guide to the Gig Economy

The advent of technology has brought upon a major transformation in the way we work. The word “job” does not refer to a permanent position anymore as both employers and freelancers are looking for a no-strings-attached arrangement for procuring what they want.

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De-mystifying Pre-Hiring Assessments: Part One

Pre-hiring assessments play a vital role when it comes to choosing the right candidate based on a variety of requirements. In order to effectively utilise the tools to their best use, it is important to fully understand  the functionalities and limitations of these assessments. This series will explore 4 different assessments on their history and implementation- Behavioral assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Functional Assessments and Domain Assessments. Every week, we will be covering one assessment and elucidating it in detail for you to better understand the nuances behind them.

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Talview wins “Optimizing Operations with AI” at Microsoft’s AI for all


Talview has been conferred with an award for “Optimizing operations with AI” at Microsoft's AIforall Award on the 21st of November, 2018. The award was conferred upon Talview in an effort to recognize the organization’s contribution to the HR-AI industry. Talview was shortlisted for the awards due to its efforts in optimizing operations for its large-enterprise clients.

With Talview, clients saw significant channeling in the recruitment funnel, ultimately leading to less candidate turnaround time. Talview’s platform is intended to streamline the process of recruitment and make it easier for both the recruiter and the candidate while keeping the cost of hire under control.

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FLASH Mumbai 2018- An Overview of Talview's Insta-hiring Leaders Conclave

FLASH Mumbai 2018, Talview’s Insta-Hiring Leaders Conclave partnered with Microsoft, delved deep into the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. 

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