Apurva Bharadwaj


Free Video Mock Interview App

Mock interviews are a basic part of any career administration offering by giving students a chance to both works on the communication and to work through their communication methods.The masters say!

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Key Benefits of Video Interviews – The Clients' Take

Saves Time by Replacing Phone Interviews

"Previously, I would have directed a 45-minute telephone talk, then I'd assembled a brief summary of the discussion and a smaller than normal report on every applicant for the customer with my proposal to either continue or not. That all takes up a considerable measure of my time."

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Social Media Inspection: Is That The Right Way To Go?

A lot of times employees put up posts on glassdoor about some bad experiences that they may have had at their workplaces. Posts such as these can lead to be a cause for trouble for the employee, any such post made can be considered as a show of disloyalty to your company. 

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How A LinkedIn Profile Can Give You An Extra Edge

A technology savvy job seeker would definitely have a LinkedIn profile, however, some of these profiles are not always up to the mark which results in them getting lesser responses online. There are certain key pointers that if kept in mind while creating the LinkedIn profile can do wonders for the job seeker.

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