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Apurva Bharadwaj

How A LinkedIn Profile Can Give You An Extra Edge

A technology savvy job seeker would definitely have a LinkedIn profile, however, some of these profiles are not always up to the mark which results in them getting lesser responses online. There are certain key pointers that if kept in mind while creating the LinkedIn profile can do wonders for the job seeker.

Social Media as a Recruitment Platform

Social Media is a popular tool with regards to marketing and content delivery, organizations have specific teams assigned to handle the social media aspect of their brand. However, social media has proved to be a vital resource in terms of the recruitment process. A large amount of information with regards to candidates can be collected from these social media platforms and can be a base for analyzing and making the final decision to hire. Some of these advantages of the social media platform are:

Hiring: The Big Struggle With Big Data

HR professionals today face a big problem; their inability to handle big data has proved to be a hindrance in a systematic and efficient mechanism of hiring professionals. There are a number of challenges that HR professional face with respect to big data.

Talent Assessment: A Boon or Sunken Ship?

Talent Assessment Market is considered to be one of the most lucrative businesses right now. There are three major vendors available in this market:

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The Changing Scenarios of Recruitment Process

Employment inquiries have progressed significantly from beating the roads throughout the day in the trusts of finding a vacant position. Enrollment specialists have additionally encountered an adjustment in the enlisting scene by accessing more data about candidates than any time in recent memory. Newly created programming and the development of online systems has been a genuine distinct advantage for both bosses and employment seekers. Gone are the days when questioners and occupation seekers strolled into their interviews aimlessly. In today's profoundly associated and straightforward world, they commonly explore each other well ahead of time.

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How To Make Good Hiring Decisions

Researches suggest that most hiring managers make decisions based on biases rather than objective comparative analysis of the candidates. This, obviously, is not the right approach towards recruiting, biases can result in selection of the wrong candidate for the job, a decision they might regret in the future.

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