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Arun K

Solving Time to Hire with a Simple Solution

3 Simple Tips to Crack any Job Interview

Your big interview is coming up! I know it is a scary situation. After all, if you don’t make a good impression - you won’t land that job! There is no quick way to get rid of the anxiety of going to a job selection process. The truth is if the idea of going to an interview makes you nervous when you get there - you will also be nervous. However, if you prepare yourself and arm yourself with great interview tools and skills - you will be able to calm yourself some, instead of going into a frenzy.

Pros & Cons of Online Video Interviews - A Recruiter's Guide

In recruitment industry, the need of the hour is to reduce recruitment cycle without affecting the quality of candidates. If we look at the traditional recruitment cycle of any firm, one of the primary steps would be a pre-screening interview.

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