Kavya Krishna Murthy

A passionate writer and a keen learner in the field of marketing.


5 Best Fundamentals of Recruiting to Hold for Lifetime

Recruiting is something that should map the company and the candidates properly for the whole betterment. In today’s era of recruitment, things have drastically changed or we can say worsened. It has been noticed that many times either company gets irritated or the candidates.

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How to deal with Low Performers

Every team has a few members whose performance is not up to the mark. Dealing with such performers is the most challenging task for many managers. A manager just cannot ignore the performer as it directly affects the performance of other team members. If a manager ignores the low performer then his work needs to be completed by the other team members which add a lot of burden on the shoulders of other team members. Due to this, the performance of the whole team goes down, which proves out to be a major loss for the company. Let’s have a look at some of the methods to deal with low performers:

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How Video Interviews Reduce Recruiter's Workload

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4 Disastrous HR Mistakes to Avoid Right Now

Keeping the major resources and assets of your business is definitely a good practice to follow. The Human Resource is the only reliable department of a company which possesses the flexibility to drive the most significant asset of the business i.e. The People. So, appropriately HR department should keep its shoulders strong enough to tackle the challenges. Yet, managing human resources is an enigmatic responsibility, especially in a start-up as they have less experience in supervising others. Here are some disastrous mistakes HR must avoid gaining the best results.

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