Melisa Marzett

Melisa Marzett is an author of many articles, which have been published on different online resources. Currently working for Pure essay academic writers, she has an opportunity to combine work and travel, which makes her feel inspired on a regular basis because she sees new places, talk to new people and gain a priceless experience.


HR in 2019: From Automation to Personalization.

Companies spend billions a year on recruiting and personnel management. The growing pace of the fourth industrial revolution and the emergence of a massive number of new competencies leads to an escalation of the struggle for highly qualified candidates and the expansion of technologies to search for new talents, as well as to unleash the potential of existing employees.

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Choose The Right Candidate with These 7 Simple Steps

Do you ever have a feeling that you are the only one who works for the whole company? Many managers notice that not a thing is done properly without their constant control. They spend a lion`s share of time and affords in order to improve job quality. Unfortunately, these afford oftentimes do not bring expected improvements and the situation remains the same.

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