Olivia Gomes


Ensure Maximum Candidate Turnover With These 6 Effective Steps of Interview Scheduling

The technological advances in the past few years have changed the way we do everything in the business world- from sourcing online to assessing and rolling out offers to candidates from across the globe. But there still remain some areas that seem untouched by these advances. One of them is interview scheduling or the way we schedule interviews. 

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Talview Partners With Alexander Mann Solutions To Revolutionize Recruitment

London, September 17, 2019 - Talview has partnered with Alexander Mann Solutions, a leading global provider of talent acquisition and management services to take Talview’s revolutionary Instahiring platform to global customers. 

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Recruitment Automation and AI: Changing World of HR

There has been a growing need for automation in recruitment processes for some time now. Recruiters are tired of focusing the majority of their time on repetitive recruitment related tasks like processing multiple resumes manually, calling candidates and coordinating with their calendars to schedule interviews. Though recruitment is an important process, it takes up loads of work time that should be spent on things other than just resume screening, like employee management, compliance, and more. This is why there is a growing requirement for automation in areas that are time-consuming. Today, a dominant theme in HR technology is AI. Artificial Intelligence for recruiting is a blooming category requirement of HR tech designed to reduce or remove time-consuming activities like manual screening and resume parsing.

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Talview Raises $6.75Mn For ‘Instahiring’

The AI and ML- enhanced Instahiring platform will enable enterprises to drastically reduce time to hire by allowing recruiters to automate repetitive tasks

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