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Olivia Gomes

Olivia Gomes is a Content Marketer working in Talview. She completed her graduation in English Literature and MBA specializing in HR, so she combined her two interests and now writes about HR tech updates and latest trends in the world of talent acquisition. Her other interests are traveling, writing, and deconstructing the psyche of people around her.

Instahiring 2020 - Asia's Grandest TA Tech Event Overview

After months of countdown, nerves, and jitters, Instahiring 2020 finally took place on 19th and 20th February, and was a massive success; thanks to the organizers, speakers, delegates, and sponsor! 

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Top 8 Recruiting Trends In 2020 To Watch Out For - Talview

The recruitment experience for candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters themselves is evolving at a very fast pace, like any other field. Technology is empowering a new set of recruiters who are strategic, tech-savvy and vigilantly on a look out for the right candidates for various roles.

8 Reasons To Start Using Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Social media is most often used by organizations to promote their products, show-off company culture, and/or present themselves and their brand, in the best light. But did you know that 92% of recruiters also use social media as a part of their recruitment sourcing strategies (according to a study by Jobvite)? 

Referral Hiring to Build Better Sales Teams

Do you wonder why employee referral programs are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day? Research from Deloitte found that just over half of organizations cite employee referrals as their number one source of high-quality candidates.

Take Charge And Innovate A Strong Campus Recruitment Strategy

In this article, I will be covering topics related to campus hiring, and how you can ace it to get the best candidates before your competitors get to them, comparing old and new methods of hiring freshers in this millennial world. The topics broadly include:

Online Exam Software - Every University's Need Of The Hour


The means of education today are expanding and diversifying. Education is no more limited to the four walls of a classroom. It has expanded to reach your fingertips as a result of advancing technology.

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