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Pavana KR

I am a seasoned expert in my field, with several years experience behind me. I have a proven success record, with a focus on strategic projects and helping to build successful, effective teams that are motivated and goal-oriented.

How to Hire B-School Graduates Through Campus Recruitment

TalQuest'16 | Talview Conference Overview

TalQuest'16 took place at Le Meridien, Bangalore on Wed, Aug 17, 2016.We saw a footfall of ~100 people. We, at Talview would like to thank everyone who attended the event. Maybe, the guests were being polite but going by our informal and the formal survey, TalQuest'16was thought to be a well planned and executed event (the after-parties weren't bad either).

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Best Use of Technology In HR

The Award for Best Use of Technology in HR by Talent Acquisition teams in traditional sectors like Retail, Pharma and BFSI.

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Best Campus Hiring

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Best Candidate Experience

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TalQuest'16 | Award for Innovation in Recruitment

Pushparaj Rai, VF Corp receiveing the Innovation award from Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO Talview

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