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Pavana KR

I am a seasoned expert in my field, with several years experience behind me. I have a proven success record, with a focus on strategic projects and helping to build successful, effective teams that are motivated and goal-oriented.

TalQuest'16 | Importance of Behavioural Fitment in Hiring

Professor R Ravi Kumar addresses the gathering at le Meridien, Bangalore

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TalQuest'16 | Talview Talent Insights - The Launch Note

The Most Anticipated Launch of Talview Talent Insights by Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO - Talview

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TalQuest'16 | HR Technology Today and Unsolved Business Problems.

Hiring Manager's Problem: Deciding on the Best Candidate

Cognitive Analytics To The Rescue

My boss and I had decided we need more people in the team. We set up assessments sent out invites - they were mostly freshers or referrals. I got notified that candidates took the assessments - I shortlisted a few and sent the videos over to my boss. He further shortlisted a few and sent it back asking me to make the final selection. I was so confused whom to hire! I started browsing the internet for articles on how to make better decisions while hiring. First of all, there weren’t many articles to help me with and to top that some articles told me I should check their behavior and what not. I wasn’t going to do all that!

Why Is Behaviour Fitment Important In Any Work Place?

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Reinvent Your Business with Cognitive Analytics before it's Too Late

Don't Settle for Anything Less than Gold for Your Business - Use Cognitive Analytics in Hiring

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