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Pavana KR

I am a seasoned expert in my field, with several years experience behind me. I have a proven success record, with a focus on strategic projects and helping to build successful, effective teams that are motivated and goal-oriented.

Knowing Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO Talview

Sanjoe Tom Jose founded Talview in 2012 and has been driving the vision and strategy since inception. He is also responsible for new initiatives and product strategy at Talview. Sanjoe is passionate about building technologies that help make hiring easy. He is currently working on a cutting-edge AI technology that can impact the world.

If Talent Is Your TOP Priority - You Need A Recruitment Fix

There was a study a little less than a year ago about how CEOs and CIOs know recruiting the right people is critical for company success. They are aware that talent acquisition is one of their companies’ biggest challenges, but despite this knowledge, they aren’t taking necessary steps to improve recruiting efforts or address the challenge of finding the right talent, then there company needs recruitment fix.

Hiring Trends: Recruiting Priorities for All Businesses in 2016

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Building Efficient Talent Pipelines to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Boosting Employer Brand With Better Candidate Experience

You've been hearing the buzz about building employer/company brand among candidates. But you haven't  seen any tangible results on this and that makes you skeptical about this whole phenomenon. With some experience on hiring the first few employees for my company, I can say that though the results are not tangible at first, you'll see how your employees respect your organization and speak highly of it which  ultimately does good for the employer brand.

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Recruitment Marketing 101: Working on Negative Glassdoor Reviews

It is very important to neutralize negative candidate experience before you start any recruitment marketing efforts to attract new candidates.

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