Sanjoe Jose, CEO, Talview


How Supply Chain Management Techniques Help Manage Talent Better

As technology is rapidly changing markets and products, organizations are scrambling to find the right talent at the right time. The requirement for skills is evolving with the growing industries, and recruiters often struggle to keep up. And talent acquisition is a costly affair, as the researchers at Bersin by Deloitte found - it costs companies an average of $4,000 per hire.

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Six Reasons You Can’t Miss Talquest 2018

Talview will host the second edition of its invite-only conference on January 10th 2018 at LeMeridien in Bangalore.

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How Talview Improved Lead Quality 2000% via Channel Optimization

As marketers, we all put a lot of efforts in various marketing channels - SEO, email marketing, webinars, trade shows, social media, the list goes on. However, not all of us actively measure the return on investment. It is natural to assume that the more the channels you cover, the better you will do. However, identifying and focusing on the right channels can make or break the outcome of your marketing efforts and growth.

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Online Proctoring is Trending: Here is All You Should Know About It

E-learning is the future of learning, the global eLearning market is now $100 billion plus. The rapid growth the elearning industry has created needs for various supporting technologies.

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