India's 13 Inspiring HR Influencers You Must Follow

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The arena of Human Resource is different for different countries. With the deviations from country to country, there should be deviations in strategies also.

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7 Tips to a Successful Skype/Online Video Interview

Gone are the days of scanning news dailies for job advertisements, you would mark the job listings of your choice, call up the office and fix up an interview. With time, traditional ways have paved the way to newer and advanced methods and approaches. The Internet has arrived. It has come to stay, impact way of life and make it a necessary tool to the humanity. Recruitment processes are more seamless and systematic with the digital approach. To the hiring space – various technology has come and gone, and some stayed, like the ATS. There’s a new phenomenon in the West called Video Interviews. They have explored it, like it and embraced it. Indian organizations are following the pursuit and employing video interviews.

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Do's and Don'ts of An Automated Video Interview

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