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10 Most Effective Tips for Social Recruitment

Published: June 06, 2016 In: HR Tech & AI

Social Recruitment - The Best Tips for SuccessSocial recruiting is the new and trending method of recruitment. Recruiters are looking for a better candidate pool that should be diverse in every sense. The social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are the primary data source for finding the diverse and wide candidate pool with all the information needed.

With the increase in demand for jobs, there is an increase in the traffic of recruiters on these social media platforms. Every recruiter has that thought of picking up the candidate with the best-suited skills required for them. In that kind of race, it is actually very important for the recruiters to be more effective in finding the most effective. In the process of selecting the best fit, the recruiters should keep the error free progression in mind.

At the end, they need to be the winner in the whole recruiting process. To gain the maximum advantage of social recruitment, the recruiters needs to be proactive in many ways. Here are the most effective tips for social recruitment.

  1. Posting Jobs: The recruiters can use any social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to post the current openings in their company. This is the primary method to pull the wide candidate pool towards the company. After receiving the profiles of the candidate, one can shortlist the profiles based on the best fit.

  2. Creating Ads: The recruiter has the advantage to posting the advertisement on social media platforms related to the company. The ads which are to be posted should be clear and can penetrate into the mind of the candidates. The ads should attract the relevant candidate who can fit for the position. 

  3. Become friend with #Tags: Twitter uses hashtags to highlight a particular word. So, hashtags are the primary source on twitter to get your word highlighted. Recruiters should use hashtags appropriately so that it makes sense. Hashtag should not be mixed or lost in the sentence and should evenly be applied. Use Hashtracking to help you out.

  4. Use LinkedIn's Recruiter Homepage: LinkedIn is the first choice of recruiters to recruit from social media. LinkedIn is a professional platform that provides the full professional background of the candidates. Use LinkedIn Recruiter which is the paid product of LinkedIn. It helps the recruiter to have the matching algorithm and accept guidance from the potential employees on the recent activities thereby monitor job application activity.

  5. Use LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn Groups provide the networking to the recruiter. Some groups do provide limitations to the content. So, make sure that you are using the right content which shows the image of your company.

  6. Facebook Search: Use Facebook search option wisely and clearly. If you want to search the particular employees of a company, you can search easily on Facebook by typing the name of the company. So, use this option to filter the candidates exactly the way you want and hence optimize your hiring strategies.

  7. Optimize your LinkedIn Page: You should start with the text. Write a brief message as LinkedIn only allows 200 characters before “see more” and Google only shows the first 154 characters. After that, use the remaining 1,846 characters to write the description effectively. So, this way make your company's page attractive and accessible to the candidates.

  8. Share Stuff: Don't think of doing the same postings and connecting with the candidates the same way. Use your interesting side and create candidate engagement by sharing some media stuff on social media platforms. It could be the company related videos, logical images, puzzles for fun etc. This way you will be gathering high candidate attention and engagement.

  9. Attach Candidates with your Brand through Instagram: Instagram has recorded the highest user engagement on social media platforms. Its user engagement is much higher than Facebook and Twitter. So definitely, it is the best platform to attract deserving candidates to your employer brand.

  10. Make the Best use of your Time: Nothing can match your efforts of giving the full devotion and doing the things at the right time. Your efforts could meet the success if they are being applied at the right time. So, make sure to utilize the time in order to make the optimum candidate attention and engagement. Do post activities when it is required, make the proper investment of time to build a talent community.

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Advantages of Social Media as a Hiring Platform

Some of these advantages of the social media platform are:

  • It gives you a preview to your candidate, the kind of posts they put up, their thought process. A LinkedIn profile would talk more on the professional front. All of it together creates a strong foundation for the interview

  • Take advantage of big data insight use social media data for understanding and identifying successful candidates.

  • Monitor the general opinion of the candidates about the company. The image of the company in the minds of the consumers makes a lot of difference with regards to the kind of applications you receive at the time of hiring as well.

  • Encourage the employees to be active on social media, putting up posts about the workplace and the events that take place in the workplace would motivate potential candidates to apply in the future.

  • Build a database of talented candidates, and use their data to create and deliver personalized content, also at the time of recruitment this database would reduce the time and effort spent on cold calling. It is important to analyze the effectiveness of the way you utilize social media, and if the results are not good enough then you need to rethink how you are using it before letting go of it. 

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Written by: Manas Gautam

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