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How Can Secondary Camera Improve Integrity of Online Proctoring

Published: September 20, 2023 In: Online Exams & Proctoring

How Can Secondary Camera Improve Integrity of Online Proctoring

Online proctoring presents distinctive challenges for both organizations and proctors. The digital world lacks the physical oversight inherent in traditional exams, rendering it susceptible to candidate engagement in dishonest practices. Proctors frequently grapple with the following issues:

  1. Comprehensive Monitoring: Among the primary challenges in online proctoring exams is the assurance that candidates do not engage in cheating or dishonest behaviors during an exam. Proctors struggle to supervise the candidate and their surroundings to guarantee integrity vigilantly.
  2. Monitoring Multiple Candidates: Proctors must concurrently oversee multiple candidates during the online proctoring exams, making it challenging to maintain vigilance over each individual.
  3. Candidate Experience: While being proctored, it is imperative to ensure that candidates have a positive assessment experience while giving online proctoring exams.

Dual Camera Proctoring

How Can Talview's Secondary Camera Address Online Proctoring Challenges?

Talview acknowledges the multifaceted challenges faced by organizations and proctors during online or remote proctoring. To confront these issues head-on, we have introduced the secondary camera feature, an all-encompassing solution tailored to augment the online proctoring experience for all stakeholders.

How Does Talview's Secondary Camera Improve Remote Proctoring?

Secondary camera proctoring provides an additional layer of security to maintain the integrity of remote exams, along with the primary camera. The secondary camera is generally the test takers mobile phone camera.

While the primary laptop camera focuses solely on the candidate's face and background, along with tracking eye movement, the secondary camera provides a comprehensive view of the candidate's surroundings. The device is placed in such a way, so that the candidate and the laptop is visible.

What Features Does Secondary Camera Offer in Remote Proctoring?

Talview's secondary camera feature provides an array of capabilities that can change online proctoring:

  1. Easy Access: Candidates can quickly access the Secondary Camera functionality by scanning a QR code and initiating a user-friendly interface on their mobile devices for giving the remote proctoring exams.
  2. Comprehensive Instructions: Candidates receive step-by-step instructions on configuring and utilizing their secondary device as the proctoring camera.
  3. Seamless Streaming to Proctor's Screen: Seamlessly streams the video feed from the Secondary Camera to the proctor's screen, enabling real-time monitoring of the candidate's surroundings.
  4. Automatic Handling of Disconnections: In the event of disconnections, candidates are guided through a user-friendly experience, ensuring a smooth process during online proctoring.
  5. Secondary Device Feed in Candidate Detail View: Proctors can easily view the candidate's primary and secondary camera feeds in a single screen.

How Does Secondary Camera Help Proctors?

Introducing the secondary camera can significantly enhance the experience for proctors, here’s how,

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: The feature facilitates seamless video feed streaming from candidate's secondary cameras to the proctor's screen. This real-time monitoring capability empowers proctors to actively observe candidate's actions throughout the examination, augmenting their ability to identify and respond to any irregularities promptly.
  2. Comprehensive Surveillance: The automatic activation of the candidate's secondary device’s back camera ensures comprehensive surveillance. Proctors no longer need to be concerned about candidates employing unauthorized aids or communicating with others during the exam, as the secondary camera captures a broader view, providing a more thorough video of the candidate's surroundings.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Proctors can operate more efficiently by simplifying technical aspects and providing real-time monitoring tools. The secondary camera enables them to detect and address suspicious behavior swiftly, thus maintaining exam security and upholding the standards of fairness and integrity.

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How Does the Secondary Camera Help Organizations Improve Online Proctoring?

Organizations can harness the power of secondary cameras to enhance proctoring capabilities, ensuring a secure and seamless experience. Unlock a new level of monitoring precision and reliability.

  1. Improved Exam Integrity: Preserving the integrity of online assessments holds paramount importance for educational institutions, certification bodies, and organizations. The Secondary Camera ensures comprehensive monitoring of candidates by automatically activating their mobile phone cameras, mitigating the risk of cheating and unauthorized assistance during exams and bolstering the credibility of the assessments.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: A positive user experience is indispensable for both candidates and proctors. The Secondary Camera feature contributes to a more user-friendly and efficient online proctoring process, enhancing stakeholder satisfaction.
  3. Reputation and Trust: Organizations rely on their reputation for conducting equitable and secure assessments. By implementing advanced proctoring features like the secondary camera, organizations can cultivate and maintain trust among candidates, institutions, and certification bodies, potentially leading to increased enrollment and participation.
  4. Scalability: As organizations expand their online assessment programs, scalability becomes imperative. The secondary camera feature facilitates scalability by streamlining setup and monitoring, simplifying the accommodation of a growing number of candidates and online proctors.

Talview's Secondary Camera feature exemplifies our commitment to revolutionizing online or remote proctoring. It effectively addresses the challenges faced by both organizations and proctors, offering a robust AI based online proctoring solution that streamlines setup, enhances monitoring, and ensures exam integrity. By embracing this innovative feature, organizations can unlock the full potential of remote proctoring, providing a secure and seamless examination experience for all stakeholders.

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Written by: Umang Mathur

Umang is an Inventor, Speaker, and Writer. He works with Talview as a Group Product Manager for Proctoring and is a Go CrackIt and ADP List mentor.

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