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Streamline Interview Process with Intelligent Interview Scheduling

Published: June 01, 2023 In: Intelligent Scheduling

Why is interviewing an essential part of the hiring process?

In today's dynamic job market, interviews play a vital role in the recruitment process. The conversations during interviews, enable the interviewer to assess the candidate's interest, job-related skills, and compatibility with the company's culture, and help the candidate evaluate whether the organization is the right fit for their career aspirations.

What are some of the common interviewing challenges?

Recruiters and hiring managers worldwide encounter numerous challenges when it comes to interview scheduling and finding suitable availability for all participants. Consequently, this often results in drop-offs, cancellations, and the need for rescheduling, leading to prolonged ‘time to fill’ job positions. Organizations face several additional key challenges, including:

Coordinating schedules - Approximately 67% of a recruiter's time is spent on coordinating schedules and finding a mutually convenient time for all participants to meet for interviews.

Last-minute rescheduling - Unexpected rescheduling requests from candidates or interviewers can negatively impact the experience for everyone involved and lead to last-minute drop-offs from the hiring process. It also results in time loss as participants and recruiters need to communicate and find new availability.

No-shows - Even with the availability of automated scheduling tools, a significant percentage (around 20-25%) of scheduled interviews result in no-shows from either the candidate or the interviewer. This leads to further delays in the hiring process.

Managing high-volume hiring: Limited resources for coordination pose significant challenges for organizations when handling large-scale hiring processes. There is a heavy reliance on hiring managers or interviewers, which further amplifies the difficulties associated with high-volume recruitment.


What are the current interview scheduling trends?

  • Given the ongoing prevalence of remote/hybrid work arrangements, remote interviews have become the popular approach, with more than 85% of interviews being conducted online
  • According to a recent study, approximately 70% of candidates utilize mobile devices to respond to interview invitations or self-schedule interview appointments
  • The adoption of automated interview management software has facilitated efficient scheduling and coordination processes

How can effective interview scheduling benefit organizations?

  • Streamlining interview scheduling can significantly reduce recruiters' time spent on coordinating schedules, allowing them to allocate more time to other recruitment-related responsibilities, thereby enhancing overall productivity.
  • Providing a positive interview scheduling experience can have a favorable influence on candidates' perceptions of the organization.
  • Implementing an improved scheduling strategy that offers flexibility for candidates and interviewers to arrange and negotiate interview appointments can greatly mitigate interview cancellations and no-shows.

    Some Interviewing Stats and Tips*

  • Average time to schedule an interview: 2 days
  • Percentage of candidates who prefer scheduling through email: 70%
  • Average time for a candidate to respond to an interview scheduling request: 24 hours
  • Most popular day for scheduling interviews: Tuesday
  • Most popular time for scheduling interviews: 10am - 12pm
  • Percentage of candidates who reschedule their interview: 20%
  • Average notice given for rescheduling: 2 days
  • Most common reason for rescheduling: Conflict with another commitment
  • Percentage of candidates who attend the scheduled interview: 80%
  • Average length of an interview: 45 minutes


How can Talview help?

  • At Talview, we are dedicated to providing organizations with digital tools to make more efficient, informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of their talent, from recruiting to credentialing
  • Our AI-powered measurement platform reduces bias with intelligent insights, enabling data-driven decisions, and providing an equal opportunity for all
  • Talview integrates with all the major upstream and downstream systems like your ATS and HRMS tools to ensure end-to-end lifecycle tracking and no data loss
  • Talview has recently launched the latest version of its Intelligent Scheduling module where interviews can be seamlessly carried out with great candidate and interviewer experience

Key Features of Talview Intelligent Scheduling

  • Automated scheduling using free-busy slots of the candidate and interviewers
  • RSVP-based scheduling, removing recruiter dependency
  • Seamless calendar integration with work calendar
  • Candidate self-scheduling
  • Hyper-scale drive management
  • Automated reminders and notifications

Benefits of Using Talview Intelligent Scheduling

  • 20% reduction in time to schedule interviews by the recruiters
  • Schedule 30% more interviews
  • Great candidate and interviewer experience
  • Real-time view of the interviews in a drive for better management and smooth transitions
  • Reduction in the number of interview cancellations and no shows

How Talview Stands Out from Other Interview Scheduling Tools

  • Talview Intelligent Scheduling empowers participants to collaboratively determine interview timings, eliminating the need for recruiters to act as bottlenecks in the process.
  • With our drive manager, the management of large-scale recruitment drives becomes effortless. Recruiters receive instant updates on interviews, candidates can conveniently wait in an e-lobby until their turn, and interviewers can evaluate candidates and take breaks as required.
  • Through smart notifications, candidates are consistently engaged and informed during the entire process, ensuring their active participation.

*Source - Interview Scheduling Statistics, Trends And Facts 2023

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Written by: Sayan Gupta

Sayan is a Product Manager at Talview, creating awesome HR Tech products to enhance hiring experience.

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