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Celebrating Black History Month By Improving Diversity Hiring

This month, we’re celebrating Black History Month to commemorate the achievements of black Americans throughout history and today. As we celebrate, we must take a look at our own organizations to see how we can improve our hiring processes, diversity strategies, and cultures to better support our black friends and colleagues. This isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also more profitable.

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Top 8 Recruiting Trends In 2020 To Watch Out For - Talview

The recruitment experience for candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters themselves is evolving at a very fast pace, like any other field. Technology is empowering a new set of recruiters who are strategic, tech-savvy and vigilantly on a look out for the right candidates for various roles.

It’s Time To Reinvent Retail & Hospitality Hiring


Retail and Hospitality Hiring faces a number of unique challenges including automating outdated processes, candidate demographics, turnover, and market dynamics. This uniqueness also makes the ideal solution to these challenges very different from those of most other industries. 

8 Reasons To Start Using Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Social media is most often used by organizations to promote their products, show-off company culture, and/or present themselves and their brand, in the best light. But did you know that 92% of recruiters also use social media as a part of their recruitment sourcing strategies (according to a study by Jobvite)? 

Talview Partners With LinkedIn Talent Hub to Put AI-powered Live Video Interviewing Inside the New ATS

With the integration of live video interviewing, users of LinkedIn Talent Hub can interview candidates anywhere and at anytime, objectively assess hard and soft skills, and verify authenticity

Cost of Hiring Lag

People are the real engines of wealth creation for organizations today. Most of my meetings with senior executives of large enterprises often lead to conversations on what their top talent priorities are. 

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