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LinkedIn & Video Interviews:A Combination for Passive Candidate Hiring

Finding candidates is like a treasure hunt, the deeper you search, better quality treasure is bound to follow. It is an added benefit when you can pick more valuables along the path to your ultimate treasure. It all depends on you to look deep enough.

Candidate's View of Video Interview with Talview!

Candidate On-boarding: Recruitment Paperwork Over Mobile

Once the candidates have been selected, it is important that the credentials be thoroughly checked. With a mobile app candidates can scan documents and share it with recruiters for internal processing or sending to the background check vendors. This ensures no time has been wasted or no manual labor is put in to verify candidate claims. Once the verification comes through, it's time for on-boarding and induction.

Mobile Hiring: Screening Candidates on Mobile

Gauging candidate competency is important, resumes alone don’t give you insights into a candidate's persona. Scheduling for direct interview can be daunting for candidates as travelling, taking leaves or cancelling on existing plans can be difficult. It will also be counter productive for the employer to invest time in meeting every candidate who has applied.

Mobile Hiring: One-touch Apply and Acknowledgement

Having a mobile-based application form is one of the most critical aspect in the mobile based hiring spectrum. An application form which is readily available and easy to fill; expedites the hiring process by significantly reducing the time to fill applications. In addition to this most recruitment mobile apps have provision to pull information from social networks like Linkedin which pre-populates application forms for the job.

What is Candidate Experience and why is it Important ?

Hiring process consists of 4 primary stages which are sourcing, screening, selection and on-boarding.

The way a job seeker perceives and reacts to each of these 4 stages of hiring is known as Candidate Experience.

Candidate Experience, the new buzz word in Human Resources is not just limited to recruitment process but also extends to the perception of people working in the organization. This concept emerged from the humane approach which surfaced after Hawthorne studies.

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