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How A LinkedIn Profile Can Give You An Extra Edge

A technology savvy job seeker would definitely have a LinkedIn profile, however, some of these profiles are not always up to the mark which results in them getting lesser responses online. There are certain key pointers that if kept in mind while creating the LinkedIn profile can do wonders for the job seeker.

New Job? Look Beyond Salary

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Video Interviewing: How does it work?

Hiring the right candidate is often a tedious and an exhaustive process. Since the efficiency and growth of the organization depends primarily on the skilled employees, getting the best candidate possible plays a vital role in hiring process. The digital age has transformed the traditional face-to-face interview to online video interview.

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Video Interview Etiquettes: The Do's and Don'ts

Extensive Guide: Nailing a Skype/Online Video Interview

You have just received word from the human resources manager that your resume has made the cut for your dream job. Next up is the interview! The job interview is your chance to create a positive impression of yourself. It can be the vital game-changer, defining whether the door of opportunity opens for you or slams itself shut.

Video Interviews: Does Body Language Matter?

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