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‘Mis-hires’ Eroding Your Global Business?

In an effort to expand businesses, leverage the low-cost advantage; many foreign companies establish offices overseas. Finding top talent that is retentive and more importantly, that matches the cultural aspect of the organization is a very daunting task. Hence, recruiting process becomes very critical for the success of these initiatives.

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Hassle Free Selection over Live Video Interviews

The initial screening process helps you weed out most of the misfits. At this stage, recruiters usually call for a one-on-one interview for further understanding of the candidate - but time and resources are always a constraint, scheduling and multiple cancellations are annoying.

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The Unknown Secrets Of Online Assessments And Code Tests

Online Assessment

Record Video Log For Future Reference Recorded video interviews can be shared with colleagues and used as an earmark for future candidate search. Businesses can also use these videos for Stereo-lithography(SLA) or audit purposes.

Audio Enabled Video Monitoring Candidate integrity is measured with the option of audio- visual support, it's easy to find out if a third person is feeding answers into candidate. 

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How To Hire A Programmer (Even If You don't Have Coding Skills)

Today, every company is also a software company in some way or the other. Developers are the ones who are often tasked with pushing the envelope, helping you simulate, iterate and innovate faster than ever. Regardless of the industry your company is in or its size, hiring talented developers is critical for business to thrive. They are also in high demand, and not easily wooed by free passes or weekend retreats.

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