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How Supply Chain Management Techniques Help Manage Talent Better

As technology is rapidly changing markets and products, organizations are scrambling to find the right talent at the right time. The requirement for skills is evolving with the growing industries, and recruiters 

Is “Gamification” the new assessment game changer?

 What is gamification? Well many of us might have a basic idea as to what the term might mean, as the name evidently suggests the idea behind it. Most commonly defined, gamification is the method of using gaming layout aesthetics and mechanics alongside game thinking in scenarios that are typically not recreational. The use of gamification in the business recruitment, motivational and educational environments have grown to a greater aspect since its inception in the year 2010 by Professor Karl Kapp.

Hiring Seasonal Workers? How to Hire the Right Candidate

Hiring a staff of seasonal workers can be tough. Whether you are a restaurant getting ready for a busy summer tourism season or a retail store that does half its annual business near the holidays, you likely face the same hiring challenges every year.

What You Need to Know About Resume Fraud and Its Consequences

Online Proctoring is Trending: Here is All You Should Know About It

E-learning is the future of learning, the global eLearning market is now $100 billion plus. The rapid growth the elearning industry has created needs for various supporting technologies.

12 Things to Know about Video Interviewing Software

I founded Interview Master back in 2013 when Video Interviewing was still an emerging space. Today it is mainstream, with all the leading organizations using it in one way or the other. 

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