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Hiring Manager's Problem: Deciding on the Best Candidate

Cognitive Analytics To The Rescue

My boss and I had decided we need more people in the team. We set up assessments sent out invites - they were mostly freshers or referrals. I got notified that candidates took the assessments - I shortlisted a few and sent the videos over to my boss. He further shortlisted a few and sent it back asking me to make the final selection. I was so confused whom to hire! I started browsing the internet for articles on how to make better decisions while hiring. First of all, there weren’t many articles to help me with and to top that some articles told me I should check their behavior and what not. I wasn’t going to do all that!

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7 Illegal Questions to Avoid During Interviews

Recruiting is a necessary and an integral part of any business expansion efforts. Before starting the recruiting process, it is important to be aware of the legal framework within which you can function.

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Importance of Employee Perception

What is perception? Not necessarily something based on reality, it can just be a perspective an individual has based on one’s view of a particular situation. When we talk about an organization, what matters the most are the employees and so what they perceive about the organization itself becomes key to its growth. Reality may be different but how employees view the reality is something for organizations to look at.

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Mobile Hiring - Easy Discovery and Identification

This is the first step into hiring someone - identifying competent candidates for the set job description with a better candidate experience. It could be over a wide array of employment websites, social media networks, contextual searches, location based searches, or employee referral hiring. Candidates will update their profiles on a platform which is mobile based more frequently than web since they have 24x7 access to it and this ensures that you are searching through relevant profiles.

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