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How A LinkedIn Profile Can Give You An Extra Edge

A technology savvy job seeker would definitely have a LinkedIn profile, however, some of these profiles are not always up to the mark which results in them getting lesser responses online. There are certain key pointers that if kept in mind while creating the LinkedIn profile can do wonders for the job seeker.

5 Best Fundamentals of Recruiting to Hold for Lifetime

Recruiting is something that should map the company and the candidates properly for the whole betterment. In today’s era of recruitment, things have drastically changed or we can say worsened. It has been noticed that many times either company gets irritated or the candidates.

Effective Time Management Notes from Talview CEO, Sanjoe Tom Jose

Most people never master time management on a personal level -- what time to wake up, what chore to finish first, assignments are usually past deadline -- but the stakes aren't especially high in that venue. Time management at workplace, on the other hand, is a critically important skill to master. 

A Quick Guide to Ace Automated Video Interviews


You just received a word from the human resources manager that your resume has made the cut for a coveted job. Interview process starts here.

Video Interview Etiquettes: The Do's and Don'ts

Extensive Guide: Nailing a Skype/Online Video Interview

You have just received word from the human resources manager that your resume has made the cut for your dream job. Next up is the interview! The job interview is your chance to create a positive impression of yourself. It can be the vital game-changer, defining whether the door of opportunity opens for you or slams itself shut.

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