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Webinar Recap: How to Assess, Certify, and Upskill Learners Globally

In 2019, researchers predicted that the online test assessment and proctoring in...

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The Top 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Remote Proctoring Solution

Our latest buyer’s guide is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to t...

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Importance of Online Proctor Training to Ensure Candidate Safety

Two years ago, online proctoring was seen as a luxury and innovation that few de...

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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Complete Online Exam Software

Introduction Online exams have become a reality for most universities across the...

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A Quick Guide to Remote Proctoring

Learning and testing knowledge has been part and parcel of our evolution. Due to...

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How An Online Certification Can Help You Get A Better Job

Browsing through LinkedIn, one of the most popular professional networking platf...

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How Pre-Hire Behavioral Assessments Make Volume Hiring Easy

As organizations have started to realize the heavy costs of a bad/wrong hire, th...

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Why Live Proctoring is Key to Conducting High-Stake Online Exams

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 peaked during a time when many schools an...

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The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Secure Remote Online Exams

The onset of COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the educational institutions worldwide...

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How Talview Exam Plus can Transform Your Remote Test-taking Experience

Institutions around the world have had to look for alternatives to the tradition...

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