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Latest articles on Remote Hiring, Recruitment Automation, Online Proctoring, and more.

How to Bring Your Certification Process Online

With COVID-19 affecting every aspect of life, e-learning platforms and online ce...

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A Definitive Guide to Online Exam Proctoring for Universities

Online remote proctoring is trending now more than ever. The advent of remote pr...

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Moving University Admissions Online: All you Need To Know

Solutions That Can Help with an Online Admission Process Admissions to colleges ...

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6 Ways Recruitment Automation is Revamping Hiring - Talview

Enterprises today are rigorously scaling as the demand for more niche roles incr...

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Online Exam Software - Every University's Need Of The Hour

The means of education today are expanding and diversifying. Education is no mor...

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Ensure Maximum Candidate Turnout With These 6 Steps of Interview Scheduling

The technological advances in the past few years have changed the way we do ever...

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Hospitality Hiring with Video Interviews

Dynamic Visual Interviews Offers Better Insights Hiring for the hospitality sect...

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Online Assessment Platforms in Recruitment: Why and How?

Assessments are an essential part of the recruiting process and are sandwiched b...

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[Product Updates] It’s all about the candidate - intuitive interfaces, multiling...

In a candidate-driven market, it is becoming imperative to focus on the candidat...

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5 Tips for Recruiting Generation Z Employees

Generation Z – also referred to as the Digital Natives – is the group that comes...

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