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Everything You Need To Know About Interview Scheduling Software

Smart organizations are discerning the growing need for interview scheduling software. Intelligent online scheduling systems are a way of simplifying interaction between candidates and enterprises. 

Ensure Maximum Candidate Turnout With These 6 Steps of Interview Scheduling

The technological advances in the past few years have changed the way we do everything in the business world- from sourcing online to assessing and rolling out offers to candidates from across the globe. But there still remain some areas that seem untouched by these advances. One of them is interview scheduling or the way we schedule interviews. 

4 Questions to Help You Check if the Candidate is Tech-savvy


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From administrative assistants to factory workers, tech skills are no longer isolated to the IT department.

6 Top HR Tech Tools No Company Should Be Without

Professionals who work in the human resources industry are constantly facing challenges and problems that need to be immediately fixed. That is the nature of this particular job. The sensible nature of their work demands a great deal of effectiveness and productivity. A company is run by people, while people thrive under a proper organization.

Recruitment Automation and AI: Changing World of HR

There has been a growing need for automation in recruitment processes for some time now. Recruiters are tired of focusing the majority of their time on repetitive recruitment related tasks like processing multiple resumes manually, calling candidates and coordinating with their calendars to schedule interviews. 

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