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5 HR Compliance Challenges of 2019 and How To Address Them

  Source: Pexels Organizations who strive to achieve long-term success and produ...

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8 Key Benefits of HR Analytics

Human resource is witnessing the advent of two major fields, The Big Data, and H...

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Recruitment Chatbot: Your Digital Assistant

Nearly 70 years ago, in 1950, Alan Turing made a prediction that probably made v...

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10 Key Recruitment Metrics That You Should Be Tracking

For a modern staffer, recruitment means so much more than posting an ad for a jo...

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What is Interview Bias & How to Avoid it While Hiring

  Interview bias refers to the human error of holding preconceived judgement abo...

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The Finest Approach to Come Up With Attractive Job Opening Content!

Employees and companies are relying on each other. Every organisation regardless...

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[Product Updates] It’s all about the candidate - intuitive interfaces, multiling...

In a candidate-driven market, it is becoming imperative to focus on the candidat...

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5 Tips for Recruiting Generation Z Employees

Generation Z – also referred to as the Digital Natives – is the group that comes...

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11 Benefits of Hiring Recent College Graduates

Right now, employers are struggling to hire and retain employees. Some argue tha...

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10 exciting things to look forward to at TalQuest 19!

As we’re getting closer to TalQuest 19, we can’t help but share our excitement f...

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