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Social Media Inspection: Is That The Right Way To Go?

A lot of times employees put up posts on glassdoor about some bad experiences that they may have had at their workplaces. Posts such as these can lead to be a cause for trouble for the employee, any such post made can be considered as a show of disloyalty to your company. 

Social Media as a Recruitment Platform

Social Media is a popular tool with regards to marketing and content delivery, organizations have specific teams assigned to handle the social media aspect of their brand. However, social media has proved to be a vital resource in terms of the recruitment process. A large amount of information with regards to candidates can be collected from these social media platforms and can be a base for analyzing and making the final decision to hire. Some of these advantages of the social media platform are:

4 Disastrous HR Mistakes to Avoid Right Now

Keeping the major resources and assets of your business is definitely a good practice to follow. The Human Resource is the only reliable department of a company which possesses the flexibility to drive the most significant asset of the business i.e. The People. So, appropriately HR department should keep its shoulders strong enough to tackle the challenges. Yet, managing human resources is an enigmatic responsibility, especially in a start-up as they have less experience in supervising others. Here are some disastrous mistakes HR must avoid gaining the best results.

5 Best Ways To Recruit Using LinkedIn and Instagram

10 Most Effective Tips for Social Recruitment

Social recruiting is the new and trending method of recruitment. Recruiters are looking for a better candidate pool that should be diverse in every sense. The social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are the primary data source for finding the diverse and wide candidate pool with all the information needed.

If Talent Is Your TOP Priority - You Need A Recruitment Fix

There was a study a little less than a year ago about how CEOs and CIOs know recruiting the right people is critical for company success. They are aware that talent acquisition is one of their companies’ biggest challenges, but despite this knowledge, they aren’t taking necessary steps to improve recruiting efforts or address the challenge of finding the right talent, then there company needs recruitment fix.

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