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Hospitality Hiring with Video Interviews

Dynamic Visual Interviews Offers Better Insights

Hiring for the hospitality sector is a grueling task because good communication lies at the heart of hospitality jobs. 

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Interviews

What is a digital interview?

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Why Digital Interviews Are The Way to Go?

With a large number of potential employees entering the market every year, selecting the right candidate for the job becomes a very tedious process and reliance on resumes can often be misleading. Especially, considering the fact that some of the organizations rely on agencies for the screening of the resumes, the decisions are often based on biases for a specific school or towards a particular candidate which ultimately leads to the right candidates not being able to make the cut. Digital Interviewing permits you to rapidly locate the best candidate for your open positions, giving you more profound bits of knowledge into your candidate’s identities, abilities, and interests and helps you identify the best individuals to meet with vis-à-vis.

How Video Interviews Reduce Recruiter's Workload

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