Video Interviews - Better Performing Sales force Definitely Delivered

Build Better Sales Force

In the previous post, we spoke of revolutionizing recruitment with video interviews. In today’s post we will discuss how video interviews help hiring better performing sales candidates.

Most organizations have a very widespread network of sales force. With an ever- expanding consumer needs, organizations are also in a continuous expansion mode in terms of salesforce. This leads to a situation where organizations put the onus of recruitment on the various sales managers scattered across the country.

Though this enables them to have a larger sourcing base, it also has a telling impact on quality. This approach also leads to significant increase in Time-To-Hire as several rounds of interview need to be conducted to put in place some control.

Biases also creep in the hiring process as majority of the hiring happens through referrals which will have a direct impact on the business as a below-par field force leads to non-achievement of quotas and a smaller internal pool for succession planning for First Level Managers.

In a decentralized hiring strategy, video interviews are very helpful. Not only it can lead to a significant improvement in quality of new hire, it can also reduce the time to hire drastically.

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