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How to detect ChatGPT cheating with AI proctoring?

Published: May 04, 2023 In: Remote Hiring

How to detect ChatGPT cheating with AI proctoring?

In recent years, online exams have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and accessibility. With the rise of remote work and education, online exams offer a flexible and convenient way for students and professionals to take exams from anywhere in the world. However, with this convenience comes the challenge of ensuring exam integrity and preventing cheating. Cheating in online exams has become a growing concern, as students and test takers have found new ways to exploit the online environment.

One potential threat to exam security is the AI-enabled chatbot, ChatGPT. With ChatGPT, exam takers can cheat by obtaining instant answers to exam questions. This can undermine the value and validity of the exam, and harm the reputation of educational institutions and organizations that administer these exams.

How does ChatGPT make cheating easier in online exams?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that can generate human-like responses to natural language inputs. While this technology has many useful applications, it has also become a potential threat to the integrity of online exams. By using ChatGPT, test-takers can cheat on their exams by obtaining instant and accurate answers to exam questions.

ChatGPT can be programmed with relevant information and trained with previous exam questions to respond to questions in a natural language format. This allows test-takers to bypass the actual work of studying and answering exam questions, and instead, get the answers quickly and easily. Moreover, ChatGPT can be used to communicate with other individuals, such as classmates or experts, who can help them to cheat on exams.

How to detect cheating with ChatGPT?

Talview Proctoring is an advanced tool that ensures exam integrity and prevents cheating in online exams. Its sophisticated technology includes monitoring and suspicious behavior detection features, which enable exam organizers and controllers to identify and prevent cheating attempts in real-time.

With Talview Proctoring, exam sessions are closely monitored, and any suspicious behavior is immediately flagged. This tool uses AI-powered technology to detect any cheating attempts, including the use of AI-enabled chatbots like ChatGPT, to ensure that online exams are conducted fairly and honestly.

The monitoring and suspicious behavior detection features of Talview Proctoring help to provide a secure environment for online exams. With this tool, exam organizers and controllers can have peace of mind knowing that their exams are protected from potential cheating attempts, and that the integrity of their exams is upheld.

How does Talview Proctoring Solution stop ChatGTP cheating?

Proctoring Guide

Talview Proctoring is a powerful tool that ensures exam integrity and prevents cheating through advanced technologies. Here are some of the key features that make it an effective solution for online exam security:

Talview Secure Browser: One of the key features of Talview Proctoring is the Talview Secure Browser. This feature effectively limits browser functionality by disabling all browser, tab or application switching. As a result, test takers are unable to open any other window/tab during the test, effectively discouraging the use of chatbots or other cheating methods.

360 Degree Environment Check: Before the exam begins, a 360 degree check of the test taker's environment is conducted to ensure that there are no other people or laptops present in the room. This check ensures a secure exam environment and eliminates the possibility of exam takers receiving assistance from other people or devices during the exam.

Proctoring Engine: Talview Proctoring uses a powerful proctoring engine that automatically flags and logs suspicious behavior, allowing proctors to monitor and confirm violations. The system automatically detects and logs events like eye movement and multiple face detection, as defined by the organization. Proctors can review the log list for low, medium, and high flags and confirm flags raised by the AI-powered application. It also allows proctors to monitor candidate video and record violations using frequent screenshots, video playback, and sound waveform observations.


Online exams are becoming increasingly popular, but ensuring exam integrity and preventing cheating is a significant challenge. ChatGPT poses a potential threat to exam security as it can be used for cheating. Talview Proctoring is an advanced tool that helps maintain exam integrity and prevent cheating. It comes with monitoring and suspicious behavior detection features that ensure a secure exam environment. Talview Secure Browser is an essential feature that effectively limits browser functionality. The 360 Degree Environment Check provides exam organizers with a secure exam environment. Additionally, the proctoring engine automatically flags and logs suspicious behavior, enabling proctors to monitor and confirm violations. Exam organizers and controllers can benefit significantly from Talview Proctoring by ensuring exam security and preventing cheating, including cheating using ChatGPT. Therefore, readers are encouraged to consider using Talview Proctoring to secure their exams.

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