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10 exciting things to look forward to at TalQuest 19!

Published: January 25, 2019 In: Remote Hiring

As we’re getting closer to TalQuest 19, we can’t help but share our excitement for what’s ahead! This year, we bring to the spotlight a revolutionary technology that transforms the way we hire: Insta-Hiring. TalQuest 19 is meticulously organized to foster productive discussions, Master Classes and Thought Leadership sessions with the creme of the industry. Why? Because at TalQuest 19, everything revolves around you, our attendee!




Here are some of the things that we’re looking forward to, at TalQuest 19!

1. Meet with peers from Fortune 500 organizations

Don’t forget to check out our elite guest list that has attendees from top organizations in the country and the world. Meet with top management from organizations like Google, Microsoft, PWC, Deloitte, Accenture, Flipkart, Amazon, Dell, Bajaj, Capgemini, Cognizant and many more!

2. Master Class Sessions and Insta-Hiring Certifications

Be a part of Master Class sessions and certification workshops hosted by industry leaders specializing in Insta-Hiring. Discover secrets and nuances to drastically bring down the time to hire, while still staying uncompromised on the quality of hire.

3. Thought Leadership Sessions

Indulge in mindblowing thought leadership sessions presented by star speakers and industry leaders who explore the organizational potential of insta-hiring. Meet and network with directors and top management from Fortune 500 organizations.

4. World-class speakers

TalQuest has over 20+ sessions scheduled throughout the day, all of which are in association with the best-in-class speakers in the industry. Save your seat for exclusive sessions where you can innovate with the smartest minds.



5. Don’t just meet, B R A I N S T O R M with the leaders

Conferences are places where interaction is a promise that is often not kept. At TalQuest, we aim to provide a platform where our attendees can meet, network and brainstorm with the leaders to discover groundbreaking insights into hiring instantly.

6. Bring your team along, too!

Bring in your peers and colleagues and get them certified as an “Insta-Hiring Expert” after taking part in certification sessions at TalQuest. Also, get the chance to discover and explore state-of-the-art hiring tech tools at the conference. Interact with other professionals and teams from other parallels in the industry and upgrade your taskforce. After all, the more, the merrier.

I want to bring my team

7. Activities and workshops, all day

Unable to make it to the morning session? Worry not! TalQuest is scheduled with workshops, master classes and thought leadership sessions all day long! Make sure to click here to get an overview of events for the day.

8. Meals on the house

When you’re our guest, you can count on us to have your meals covered. Scrumptious meals, snacks and drinks for all TalQuest attendees, on the house!

9. Celebrity sessions

At TalQuest 19, we make sure that there is no shortage in the celebrity sessions. Apart from business, we have an exclusive surprise session with a non-industry personality! Want to know more? Make sure you’re there at TalQuest!

10. The HR TrailBlazer Program

Become a part of a dynamic super team as we identify the top 25 HR managers who best implement Insta-Hiring post TalQuest. The HR Trailblazer program will offer immense exposure and networking opportunities with top leaders in the hiring industry. With HR Trailblazer, not only will you be professionally trained to become an insta-hiring expert at no cost, but you will also be paving a new road to bringing more awareness to cope up with the pace of work. So, bring in your peers and buckle up for the future of hiring!



Without doubt, TalQuest 19 is our most comprehensive conference yet with activities designed to pique enthusiasm around discussions surrounding Insta-Hiring.

Intrigued? Make sure to save your seat for Asia’s biggest Hiring Tech Conference here, limited seats only!

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Written by: Abenaya Gunasekaran

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