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4 Best Ways to Reach Passive Candidates

Published: September 19, 2016 In: Recruitment Best Practices

How To Reach Candidates

Recruiters are the seekers of candidates as a part of their profession. But as a recruiter, have you ever wondered how do candidates want to be contacted by the recruiters? Well, if not, I think you should give it a thought. As a responsible recruiter, it’s the duty of yours to find out the preferences of your mass candidate pool. Actually, the way candidates want to be contacted by the recruiters are the most common and simple methods which are both professional and traditional. Based on various surveys and parameters, I have listed down the order of choices of the candidates which are at ease for them. So, here is the list of modes of communication according to the candidate’s preferences for being contacted by the recruiters.

Email: Unsurprisingly, Email is the most usual way of communication which has witnessed its presence in the professional culture of each industry and establishment. It is the most authentic and convenient method to reach the mass population or the talent pool of prospects. It has been rated as the best tool by the candidates as they want to get contacted by professional emails from the recruiters with all the necessary information being offered. Email has been the choice of each age group from 18-60, as many research findings have claimed this. So, clearly, it is the wisest choice to use email as a mode of first contact with the candidates.

LinkedIn and nothing: As social media is thriving in every sense; it is being used by the recruiters also. But the catch is, the candidates want to get contacted only through LinkedIn and not any other form of social media. They consider LinkedIn as the primary and professional method of meeting of the two profiles, the recruiter and the candidate. But, Facebook and Twitter are being totally ignored by candidates as a mode of contact. They literally consider only LinkedIn as a professional social media tool to get engaged.

Phone calls; the traditional approach: Old is sometimes robust for generations. This is the evidence that the candidates still want to be an active talker and listener on the phone about their career opportunities. They have prioritized the calls from recruiters directly as it would be a free end-to-end approach. They can enquire freely and can be guided in a prominent and instant way. The phone call approach has been liked by every age segment of professionals.

Text messages: Text messages are the least preferred way of communication as per the candidates of each age group. According to the candidates, the text messages sound unprofessional to them when it comes to recruiting and the job profile. People can relate to text messages only from their friends, family, and social groups, but not from a recruiter. So, communicating with the candidates for the first time through text messages might not be a good practice to follow.    

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Written by: Manas Gautam

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