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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Ways to Recruit Frontline Workers in High Volume

Published: July 20, 2021 In: Retail

In the past year, while some businesses boosted their hiring efforts to keep up with increased demand for their products or services, some had to downsize to survive the pandemic. Frontline workers in the retail and hospitality industries, unfortunately, fell in the latter bucket, given the nature of their work. 

After a tough year and a half, these businesses have picked up hiring again. But in order to restart business and make up for the lost time, organizations need to bring in quality candidates in high volume. For the hospitality industry, they're seeking to re-hire people into roles they had cut in 2020, while the retail industry is not hiring only in-store employees like before, but also warehouse and delivery staff to support their booming e-commerce business. 

But it is not that easy. There has been a notable decrease in people opting for frontline jobs post the pandemic. Whether it is due to the health risk of working in physical spaces again or the ease of working from home, people are opting-out of frontline jobs leading a talent squeeze in these industries.

How can these industries recruit and hire workers to refill these positions while quickly making up for lost business momentum? 

In a fight to hire the best talent available, some companies are opting for digital solutions and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, these solutions address what candidates are looking for - a hiring process that is low-touch, convenient, and swift.

Here is an infographic that will tell you the five best practices to recruit frontline workers in high volume. 

Frontline Workers (1)


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Written by: Olivia Gomes

Olivia is a Content Marketer at Talview. She completed her graduation in English Literature and MBA specializing in HR, so she combined her two interests and now writes about HR tech updates and latest trends in the world of talent acquisition. Her other interests are traveling, writing, and deconstructing the psyche of people around her.

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