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6 Top HR Tech Tools No Company Should Be Without

Published: September 06, 2019 In: Remote Hiring


Professionals who work in the human resources industry are constantly facing challenges and problems that need to be immediately fixed. That is the nature of this particular job. The sensible nature of their work demands a great deal of effectiveness and productivity. A company is run by people, while people thrive under a proper organization.

The interpersonal communication and the overlapping systems within a company can make the difference between success and failure.

A successful HR department is defined by the employees’ motivation and commitment to adapt and tirelessly work on the company’s goals. Policies must be respected, and teamwork must be constantly improved.

For that reason, every smart company is currently leveraging particular tools and software to empower its operations. In today’s post, I’m discussing the crucial benefits of HR tools while showcasing the top 6 HR tech tools that no company should be without.

The Benefits of HR Tech Tools


  • Productivity Boost

Every HR tool will help a company automate and digitalize the paperwork. This allows the HR managers to immediately search and find information and details that they need.

  • Save Time

Many HR functions can be automated, meaning that employees will no longer have to manually perform certain time-consuming tasks.

  • Reduced Errors

The two biggest downsides of making errors in HR is the financial losses and legal issues. All humans commit mistakes now and then but a digitized software doesn’t. Moreover, custom writing services are no longer dependent on human employees, as AI tools can often provide improved services.

  • Improved Decision Making

Velvet Jobs has proven that HR tools are particularly useful when it comes to assessing large amounts of data. Key metrics can be tracked down automatically, and reports will be generated in an instant. These reports are extremely useful when making important decisions.

  • Saves Money

Rather than hiring an additional employee to perform various jobs, a company can opt for purchasing a premium HR tool that can take care of various problems and needs. This will save the company a lot of money along the way.

  • Improved Communication

Edubirdie review has proven that communication is key to fruitful company performances. There are many HR communication tools that will provide instant communication channels between your HR team and other companies’ HR teams. Moreover, you can use communication software to create an internal communication system that all the company’s employees can leverage.


Top 6 Tech HR Tools


6. Async Video Interview



1. Talview

Talview is one of the most reputable HR software that you can easily leverage to configure candidate assessments, interview, and hire applicants online. Their motto? “The fastest way to hire with an Instahiring experience”. Talview automates the job hiring process by leveraging a combination of AI, NLP, Machine Learning, and Psycholinguistics to build highly capable teams faster than you can ever imagine.

Compared to the traditional hiring process, the “Instahiring experience” automatically screens applicants. Furthermore, it instantly selects the most relevant applications while making the entire hiring process a “piece of cake”.

Video interviewing is one of the tool’s biggest perks because it provides many interesting features like:

  • Candidate portal
  • Automated Invitations & Scheduling
  • Archiving
  • Feedback management
  • Practice sessions
  • Proctoring
  • Scoring
  • Panel Interviews
  • One-to-One Interviews
  • Question bank


2. The Resumator

As the name suggests, The Resumator is designed to improve the recruitment system by excellently assessing resumes and cover letters. The tool integrates with your email communication system and allows you to post job offers on various popular employment platforms. It scans and summarizes the resumes that people send, and provides a great analysis with the most important details.

The Resumator can also be integrated with your social media profiles, and it can post job vacancies on various custom job hiring groups. With this tool, developing and posting workflows for the recruitment processes is a piece of cake.




3. TinyPulse

Here’s an excellent HR tool that will help you gain insights on your company’s culture. In the HR industry, transparency and honesty are key factors for great collaborations.

TinyPulse is an anonymous HR surveying tool that allows all of your employees to express their opinion regarding their experience. With this tool, you can create custom questionnaires that will allow you to acquire vital information. Your employees will be able to let you know how they feel about certain company processes and decisions, and they’ll be able to provide anonymous suggestions.


4. ZenFits

ZenFits is an exceptional HR tool that keeps track of your company’s operations on an ongoing basis. The software automatically calculates payroll, keeps the records of your employees, and manages insurance, tax, compensation (bonus), and disability payments.

The software also records your employees’ attendance and timesheets, giving your HR employees the time to take care of other important details.

Most importantly, ZenFits creates extremely useful reports that will help you analyze resource utilization and file taxes.


5. Upwork

As a business, you need to understand the difference between employment and outsourcing. Each option is useful in particular cases. Nevertheless, outsourcing can often be challenging, mostly because reliable freelancers are often not to be found.

Upwork comes as an extensive solution for small to large companies. On Upwork, you can hire professionals and tested freelancers who can take care of one-time jobs, without having to hire extra employees. Upwork helps you save time and money.

6. Trello

Trello is one of the best project management tools that any HR department can leverage to put its employees up to speed with assignments and responsibilities.

Whenever you have to create a new project, you can immediately create a new Board and invite all the employees who have to attend. Trello is great for team flexibility and communication and can help you save a lot of time along the way.



For a company to run smoothly, the employees who are running it must follow strict routines and fully commit. Nevertheless, without a proper organization, the lack of structure will eventually create chaos. Make sure you leverage today’s suggested tools to improve your company mechanics and ensure long-term team productivity.



Kurt Walker has been working as a writing expert and HR manager at Essaygeeks for 3 years. He is also offering essay writing help for an academic company called Edubirdie Reviews. In his free time, he loves to study psychology, philosophy, and theosophy.


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