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5 Tips to Do During Your Video Interview

Published: March 03, 2021 In: Interview Tips

Talview invited Keirsten Greggs, Founder of TRAP Recruiter, LLC, to share tips on how candidates can prepare for video interviews before, during and after their interview. In her first blog, Acing Your Video Interview: 8 Tips to Prepare for a Video Interview, Keirsten provided insight on how to prepare for a video interview. In this blog, she highlights 5 things to do during your video interview. 


5 Tips During Your Video Interview

In this video, Kiersten shared these 5 tips:

  1. Relax
  2. Be engaged and make eye contact with the camera
  3. Focus on your notes and the interviewer, not just the camera
  4. Ask questions
  5. Get the interviewer’s contact information, next steps and a timeline before you end the interview

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Written by: Keirsten Greggs

Keirsten Greggs is Talent Acquisition Consultant and Career Coach. In 2017 she founded TRAP Recruiter, LLC, a small business committed to bridging the gap between the job seeker and organizations committed to attracting, hiring, developing and retaining diverse talent and fostering inclusive equitable cultures.

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