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Acing Your Video Interview: 8 Tips to Prepare for a Video Interview

Published: February 19, 2021 In: Interview Tips

Talview invited Keirsten Greggs, Founder of TRAP Recruiter, LLC, to share tips on how candidates can prepare for video interviews before, during and after their interview. In this first blog of three, she tackles the pre-interview process. 


How to Prep for Your Video Interview 

In this video, Keirsten shared these 8 tips:

  1. 00:10: Do your research and prepare beforehand, such as researching the company, hiring manager, interviewers, reviewing your resume and preparing questions

  2. 00:30: Make sure you’re discoverable on social media channels 

  3. 00:35: Download the proper browsers, mobile apps, or software 

  4. 00:44: Stage your area - have a clean background

  5. 00:55: Get the proper equipment and if possible headphones to cut down on background noise

  6. 01:04: Practice with friends and family to get comfortable on camera 

  7. 01:12: Prepare your interview outfit. Business mullets are acceptable, which is dressing for what is viewable on the video interview

  8. 01:27: Log in early to test your equipment and software to make sure everything is working 

Stay tuned for more from the series!


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Written by: Keirsten Greggs

Keirsten Greggs is Talent Acquisition Consultant and Career Coach. In 2017 she founded TRAP Recruiter, LLC, a small business committed to bridging the gap between the job seeker and organizations committed to attracting, hiring, developing and retaining diverse talent and fostering inclusive equitable cultures.

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