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Analyze Daenerys' Chances to Win the Throne with Talview Talent Insights

Published: May 04, 2016 In: Remote Hiring


Analyze the Khaleesi Chances to Claim the ThroneShe is confident, social and can be perceived as dependent. From a girl who had nothing, she conquered many titles – mhysa, the unburnt, mother of dragons, queen of Meereen and more; she definitely is confident. In her journey, she gained the trust of various people; this shows her social skills.
She is laid-back: she appreciates a relaxed pace in life. She originally set out to conquer Westeros (King’s Landing), but chose to rule the pyramid kingdom of Meereen; this shows that she is relaxed in her approach. 
And Khaleesi is respectful of authority: she prefers following with tradition in order to maintain a sense of stability. Inspite of not acknowledging Meereen's traditions at first, she saw that their culture is what makes them and that is what will earn her trust.
Her choices are driven by a desire for belonging. She considers helping others to guide a large part of what you do: she thinks it is important to take care of the people around her. Her love towards the dragons, Daario Naharis, and the Unsullied shows that the decisions are rooted from the feeling of belongingness.
She is relatively unconcerned with independence. She never aimed at being a queen or anything she now has. She took one step at a time. Her conviction to break free from the prevailing hurdle is what brought her to this position.


Analyzing Khaleesi's Personality Traits with Talview Talent Insights

 Talview Talent Insights

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Written by: Arun K

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