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[Infographic] Are Your Candidates Remote-Ready?

Published: April 06, 2020 In: Remote Hiring

Hiring remote workers is increasing in popularity among today’s progressive organizations. As more and more businesses start to “work remotely” to save money, practice #SafeHiring, and increase employee engagement; Talview and PsyMetrics created this infographic to help recruiters identify job candidates who will succeed in remote and work-from-home positions. 

Positions in the study included telesales reps, call center staff, pharmaceutical salespeople, entry-level, and healthcare workers.

If you're looking to hire the best candidates for remote and work-from-home positions, this infographic can help you identify 8 key personality traits of great remote workers. Download the infographic with the button below.



Looking for more resources on remote hiring? Talview has put together a set of comprehensive guides, videos, and articles to help you move your hiring process online. Access the resources here.


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