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Choose The Right Candidate with These 7 Simple Steps

Published: November 11, 2018 In:

Do you ever have a feeling that you are the only one who works for the whole company? Many managers notice that not a thing is done properly without their constant control. They spend a lion`s share of time and affords in order to improve job quality. Unfortunately, these afford oftentimes do not bring expected improvements and the situation remains the same.


The reason lies within the effectiveness of work to be connected with a worker`s productivity, meaning the ability to achieve the required results and this is the most important factor. Those who were productive enough from the very beginning, as a rule, become even more effective under good guidance. While the job quality who are behindhand in productivity is rarely to be improved. You can teach and motivate them for years but do not achieve worth results. Hence, it follows that:

There should be productive employers in your company so you stopped working for all. For that, you need to provide an influx of high performers into a company. Hiring solves this problem. In a manner of speaking, the hiring of high performers is essential for success and development of any business. What is required to be done to create a team, which would be able to steer your company to prosperity? Hiring consists of certain moves, each of which leads to a certain result. Performing these steps in the correct succession, you will be able to find high performers among people looking for a job and engage them in your company.

STEP №1 Make hiring a management feature
Operational efficiency of all company consists of its all employer efficiency. The founder of Sony Corporation Akio Morita noticed that it does not matter how good or lucky you are, and how smart and high skilled you are, your business rests in the hands of those people whom you hire. This is why a person who is to hire employers influences overdensity of the whole company. The one who is responsible for hiring in your company defines what people success of your business depends upon. Many managers delegate employment issue to other workers because of being busy. This mistake costs their companies much. The main purpose of hiring is to create a team of workers, who will bring benefits to the company and promote development. In addition, managers who do not pay attention to hiring, receive employers who cannot or do not want to work well. As a result, they spend almost all time trying to improve job quality of hired employers. If hiring does not depend on you in your company, it means that relatively soon you are going to depend upon the hiring results. A company where hiring is not a management feature can be compared with the cart moving ahead of a horse. Work of people hired by someone will define where and how fast your business moves and to run after the cart is the only thing left for you trying to improve something. Only making hiring a part of a management strategy, you are going to influence employers, which are going to appear in your company. Establishing a technology of hiring, you will be able to create a team, able to complete tasks and achieve results overcoming any obstacles.

STEP №2 Define what kind of employers you are looking for
Hiring can be compared to fishing. The place you are going to fish, whether it is a sea or a lake and what killer you choose depends upon what kind of fish you would want to catch, right? Same thing with hiring. What tools to choose in order to capture their attention depends upon the employers you need. Can you imagine a person who went fishing without knowing what fish is there and how to catch it? This is what most of the HR managers do. They are looking for employers without understanding what an eventual result should be and what qualities a candidate should have for the successful accomplishment of assigned tasks. Can you imagine what a good catch they are going to have? In order to hire a proper staff, you need to know the goals and tasks of your company. In other words, you need to understand whom you need. This is why a search of new employers should always begin with making a portrait of a required candidate, to consider all the moments, twists, and turns and see clearly, who is wanted. One of the common hiring mistakes is, about managers to skip this step. Due to this, they lose key employers on the initial phase of hiring. You need to have a precise understanding of what employer would fit perfectly for a free vacancy. Do not be satisfied with general ideas, work on a portrait of a candidate you need down to every detail. What problem in a company would hire a new employer to solve? What results of work do you expect from him/her? What requirements should s/he satisfy in order to cope with work successfully? What should make a person search for a job, what qualities should s/he have in order to settle down in a company? Only through understanding what kind of an employer you need to find, you will post a vacancy in order to engage its understanding, and post where a required candidate is able to see it.

STEP №3 Post it where it will draw attention to needed candidates
To hire the most productive people in your company, you need to be among those who want to come to your place of work. A vacancy announcement is your main chance to interest a candidate and shows him that he has always dreamed of working in your company. All people are different, so you need to make an ad for those candidates whose attention you want to attract. Job search sites are full of template ads, which, as a rule, are not interested at all for productive people. Looking for efficient employees using standard ads is like trying to catch a pike with a carp bait - there will be no result. Then how to find a good employee? A properly created vacancy announcement will attract people to your company who are able to perform even the most difficult tasks and have a great desire to work. Want to understand which candidates are interested in your ad? Then pay attention to what you emphasize in the ad text. Do you describe what results you expect from a future employee, and what will he need to do? Alternatively, are you mainly trying to interest candidates with high salaries and big bonuses? As a rule, ads that focus more on employee remuneration bring people to the company who want to receive money only for the fact of their presence at work. In addition, productive people are more interested in what tasks they will need to perform, and what is required of them in order to succeed in their position. An announcement describing the expected results of work and tasks to be performed will “weed out” those who want to receive money without doing anything, and increase your chances of seeing effective employees at the interview.

STEP №4 Find the way to work over a flux of candidates fast
Productive people, as a rule, do not stay long in the labour market. They quickly achieve their goals and find an interesting job. To hire productive employees, you need to have time to identify them among all who responded to the ad and invite them for an interview.
It can be said that SPEED plays a crucial role in hiring.
Traditional selection by a resume is very long and does not give a complete picture of the candidate, because apart from work experience and information about his education you will not find anything there. Nevertheless, thousands of executives are meaninglessly lose their time looking at hundreds of resumes, trying to choose the best candidates from them. It often happens that when they reach the most productive candidate, he will have time to get a job. Delay reduces all results from past hiring steps to zero. What to do to quickly and efficiently handle a huge stream of candidates? An online resource allows you to quickly process any stream of candidates and send each candidate for the vacancy selected by tests, and our questionnaires checking how well it fits into this position. This allows us to get the initial assessment of the candidate and an idea of his personal qualities and professional knowledge. This method reduces the number of those whom we will consider for an interview, as you can add limiting questions to the tests that do not let the candidate go further if he does not give the right answer to them. If you know how to use a practical task to check whether a candidate meets your requirements - describe him in a vacancy announcement and indicate that you are considering only those who fulfil it. For example, if you need a translator, only accept questionnaires filled out in a foreign language, with an attached translation of your chosen text. In addition, if you are looking for a sales manager - ask to attach to the resume, for example, five different samples of a personal commercial offer. Not all the people who sent you a resume are actually ready to make an effort and complete a practical task. As practice shows, it will help you to eliminate more than 40% of inappropriate candidates, which will reduce the time costs. In any case, remember that speed is the best friend of successful recruitment. The faster you can process the flow of candidates, the more chances you have of getting a valuable employee to the company.

STEP №5 Choose the criteria for selecting candidates
⦁ One of the main reasons for failures in hiring does not know what you need to look at in order to understand whether this candidate will benefit the company. Everyone is trying to make the best impression on the interview, so it is difficult for managers to see the essence of the candidate because of his ability to apply himself beautifully. In our practice, we have identified four main factors of employment that need to be paid attention to in order to make the right decision on hiring:

  • Productivity: Why do you hire new employees? Of course, in order for them to bring benefits to the company and fulfil all work plans. The usefulness of a candidate for a company directly depends on its productivity. 
  • Personal qualities: You can reach your target using various methods. A person’s personality traits are his “supporting tools” that he uses to achieve results. The most common way to test a person’s personality is to use tests. Knowing the personal qualities of a person, you will understand whether he is able to lead people, how easy it will be for him to get along in a team, how responsible and disciplined he is. This information will show you whether he will succeed in a particular position.
  • Motivation : Motivation is what drives a person when making decisions. For example, when a person gets a job, there is always something that he wants to receive from the company: the ability to provide for himself, the perspective for career and personal development, the prestige of working in your company. The question is that the person is willing to give the company in return. Depending on their motivation, people can be divided into those who really want to do something valuable and be useful to the company, and those who are only interested in their own benefit and do not want to invest much effort in their work. Knowing the candidate's motivation, you can imagine the quality of work of the future employee.
  • Knowledge: By knowledge, we mean not just the memorized information, but professional skills that a person can confidently use to achieve the desired results. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that of all the factors of hiring, it is the easiest way to fill the lack of knowledge. Especially if the candidate you are considering is really productive and you have a system of employee training in your company. How to check the candidate on these criteria in the interview process? Be sure to ask the person about his results at the previous place of work: what did he achieve, what was his contribution to the success of the company, and did he somehow measure the results of his work? His answers will show the degree of his productivity. If at a previous job, a person had good achievements, and he can explain how he achieved them, then working with you he will successfully complete the assigned tasks. To understand what purposes a person comes to work with, look at what his attention is focused on during the interview. Does he ask about the nuances of work and what exactly you expect from him as an employee.  Alternatively, is all he says about salary and possible benefits and bonuses? What the candidate is most interested in will give you an idea of his motivation. If you need to check the level of professional knowledge, give the candidate a practical task that can show how confidently he is acting in this area. On the other hand, ask a specialist in this field to create a questionnaire or test that reveals the knowledge that you will give to candidates. If you select employees according to these criteria, and not according to the ability of candidates to make a spectacular impression, people will work in your company that really contribute to its development and prosperity.

STEP №6 Study up on candidates
Inquiring is the surest way to confirm the past results of the candidate's work, which he told you about during the interview. Many managers make decisions about hiring a person based on the impression he made during the interview. In doing so, you risk hiring a person in your company who is well able to splurge but does not bring any benefit to the company.
Studying up is an essential condition of successful hiring
What should I look for when checking recommendations? In a conversation with the past leader, try to get as much facts as possible about the candidate and his achievements. Ask for specific figures of his work in numbers. Specify what his actions and ideas led to the success of the company. Ask what the company lacked if they did not have this employee. Try not to be distracted by the emotional evaluation of the candidate, and concentrate your attention on the real facts. Only by inquiring about the candidate, you can make sure that he really did the company well, and did not hide behind other people's results and was not just a performer of other people's ideas.

STEP №7 Install a new employer in the office
If the candidate you are considering has not left the previous place of work, we advise you to instruct him to finish all the tasks there and to fully transfer the position before coming to your company. Then, working for you, he will not be distracted by past unfinished business. In addition, if a person leaves the vulgar place of work - it is likely that he will leave you in the same way. Coming to you, the employee should not be bound by obligations in relation to past work. What does the correct introduction include? First of all, familiarization with the company, its goals and features of the work. This should be done on the very first day of work of the new employee. The manager and the employee must form the same understanding of the product position. To do this, an employee needs to understand what the company seeks, and how his work should help to achieve its goals. A new employee as soon as possible needs to devote in particular to work in your company. Without knowing them, he will try to implement ideas that have yielded results in the past but may not fit your business at all. You will save a lot of time and nerves if you immediately explain to a new person the specifics of your company's work. Help the new employee to interact with colleagues. Tell us about the corporate communication methods adopted by your company. The sooner he realizes how he can communicate with the manager and other employees, the easier the new employee will become comfortable with and the sooner he will begin to produce results. The first working days form a person's opinion about the company and an understanding of whether he will be comfortable working here. As a result of the right job introduction, the new employee will immediately feel comfortable and will begin to bring benefits to the company from the very first working day.
The main goal of each stage of hiring is to attract productive people to your company and not allow those who will not benefit from getting into it. Correctly performing all the steps of hiring, you can find truly valuable employees who will make a valuable contribution to the development of your company.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is the author of many articles which have been published on different online resource platforms. Currently working for Pure essay, she has an opportunity to combine work and travel, which makes her feel inspired on a regular basis because she sees new places, talks to new people and gains a priceless experience.

Written by: Melisa Marzett

Melisa Marzett is an author of many articles, which have been published on different online resources. Currently working for Pure essay academic writers, she has an opportunity to combine work and travel, which makes her feel inspired on a regular basis because she sees new places, talk to new people and gain a priceless experience.

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