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Breaking the Barriers – Discover a World of Untapped Talent

Published: April 15, 2021 In: Remote Hiring

All throughout human history, there have been individuals who have not realized their true potential due to barriers that prevented them from having a shot at success. With today’s traditional interviewing process - offline, resource-intensive, split across multiple HR technologies, and open to unconscious bias, we continually overlook or create roadblocks for talented candidates who can succeed and thrive.

During our Instahiring 2021 - Breaking the Barriers virtual event last month, our CEO Sanjoe Tom Jose shared his vision on how we can, as an industry, reimagine, humanize, and democratize technology for HR, recruiting, and talent acquisition. He explored how AI-powered recruiting, candidate experience, and assessments will lead the way in these efforts to discover a world of untapped talent. 

We summarized the key points from Jose’s keynote below. You can also watch the Breaking the Barriers keynote on-demand, and skip to these parts of the presentation:  Instahiring Sanjoe Jose keynote Breaking the Barriers play image

  • 06:00 - Current state of HR and recruiting technology; Talent Lifecycle is becoming digitized 
  • 09:40 - The opportunity to Reimagine, Humanize, and Democratize talent acquisition technology 
  • 13:05 – How Talview is addressing this with AI, Candidate-Centric Design, and Non-Biased Assessments 
  • 24:17  How technology has helped break barriers – video testimonial from Murali RaoPresident, Head Held High Foundation  
  • 26:38  Q&A 

Personal Story of Breaking the Barriers 

Raised in rural India by parents who were social entrepreneurs focused on female empowerment, Jose was exposed early on to the gender and economic “divides” that exist. As he pursued graduate studies, he experienced the divide between rural and urban that would further shape his world view. Then after launching Talview and relocating to the US, he was exposed to the ethnic divides that existed in this country 

At each stage, he would internalize these experiences to form the overall mission for Talview: 

Our mission is to provide a level playing field for every individual to build the best career for themselves. 

Per Jose, there are a lot of barriers in the way toward success. For him and his co-founders, their goal is to remove the barriers so that “everybody has an equal opportunity at building their best career.” 

The Future of Talent Acquisition is Becoming Digitized 

Yet, today’s talent acquisition solutions are siloed, manual, and ineffective.  

  • Candidate screening and interview scheduling require time-consuming manual effort which limits recruiters’ time to engage with best matched candidates.  
  • When considering interview and assessments, these typically take place in-person, which impacts those with physical disabilities or who live in rural locations, limiting the number and type of opportunities for these individuals.  
  • Since data is siloed across multiple applications, there is a lack of seamless data tracking which impacts reporting and insights. The ability to make meaningful decisions is limited as a result.    

The good news, according to Jose, is that the world is going remote at an accelerated space with the Talent Lifecycle becoming digitized.  

Talent Lifecycle is Digitized by Talview

Opportunity to Reimagine, Humanize and Democratize TA 

We see this an opportunity to for us bring in a change in the way which we do talent measurement and talent evaluation and make it a lot more accessible for people who have these barriers.  

According to Jose, as the world becomes increasingly remote with more flexible work scenarios, this digital shift provides the industry with three opportunities 

  • Reimagine –This requires rethinking how talent acquisition and management is done today. Talview uses AI to help recruiters to be more productive and efficient, while ensuring that more candidates from all backgrounds have the opportunity to be discovered. 
  • Humanize – Consider how to make the process more accessible and sensitive to individuals of all abilities, while considering the candidate experience. This requires taking a candidate-centric design like Talview does, such as support for multiple devices and accessibility. 
  • Democratize  Design software to limit bias as much as possible in decision making. Digitization helps to surface biases and make them visible so one can intervene and reduce bias where possible. By designing non-biased assessments, Talview’s goal is to provide more equitable opportunities to everyone and promote more objective decision making.  

Conclusion – Discover a World of Untapped Talent 

Talview Unified Hiring and Proctoring Solution Wheel

Talview Unified Hiring and Proctoring Solution Wheel

In the end, this is a continuum that takes the siloedmanual, and disconnected data approach and brings everything together into a single solution with a seamless experience for candidates. This ensures that there are insights to make the process as effective, efficient and non-biased as possible. That is what Talview is offering – a unified, AI-powered end-to-end hiring and proctoring solution.  

For Jose, “Every person deserves the right to realize their full potential academically and professionally.”  

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Written by: Cece Lee

As VP of Marketing for Talview, Cece leads the global marketing organization, responsible for driving GTM leadership, brand awareness, and demand through integrated marketing campaigns. She enjoys reading, running, and American football.

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