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Published: September 01, 2015 In: Remote Hiring


As employers recruiting on campus, you have a lot to work around: Class schedules and part-time jobs, not to mention other employers competing for the same talent. However Campus Hiring teams are still very conventional and even today uses pen and paper tests for the initial screening.

The recruitment teams often visits the campuses or participate in career fairs, conduct paper and pen assessments for the initial screening and then spend hardly 10 minutes per candidate for face to face interview. While a lot of time goes into travel and logistics and paper work in this conventional process there is very little time spent in evaluation of the candidate.

In addition many of the students are employed either on- or off-campus or taking additional courses. This means that some students are working and studying for at least the equivalent number of hours of a full-time job, and therefore fewer students will be available to attend every career fair, information session and recruiting event on-campus. Instead, they’ll likely take their job search online when they have time around their work and studies.

The info-graphic below gives you a brief idea about how Video Interviews can help you in hiring talented candidates in less time,through on-campus interview with a much better candidate engagement and increased employer branding.

Ebook - Video Interview Campus Hiring


Many companies are switching from traditional hiring methodology to Virtual Interviews to save time and money. Here's a case study on how Cognizant held 30 campus drives, interviewed ~30,000 candidates and since then have found Video Interview is the best method to hire quality candidates!.

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