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Can You Get Your New Hires to Stop Quitting?

Published: June 08, 2016 In: HR Tech & AI

Make new Hires Stop Quitting with predective insights

Have you ever felt bad losing out on a brilliant candidate after you have rolled out an offer? Maybe because you didn’t onboard the candidate soon enough or because you took too long to even tell him you he was selected.

I get it, actually - you were busy working on an absolutely important project! What can you do? It wasn’t technically your fault, or was it? You shouldn’t have gone through the pain of losing such a candidate.

It’s even worse when the candidate joins but leaves within a month or two. Just when you both have started to adjust to each other's way. Training a new employee is like a relationship, it depends on how you two handle it. All the time that you spent training the employee is gone. You didn’t have to go through that misfortunate episode.

What if you could’ve offered the job to someone else instead of him who had a higher probability of joining? What if you knew well in advance he might not stick around and hence you didn’t have to hire him in the first place?


Having the employee leave in a month or two is a problem to all the employers, lot of cost involved in onboarding the candidates. That could slow down the process of screening again. That’s a nightmare for you because you need another pair of hands to help you.


There must be a way that gives you an insight into all this. Some technology or platform perhaps?

Sounds impossible?

Ok I know it doesn’t. But undoable? Not practical even? Actually, it is practical.

That is the thing about technology; it’s not just smarter phones and wider television screens. It’s also machine learning, predictive analytics, psycholinguistics and more. You only have to look.

Talview has just launched a futuristic tool to help recruiters and hiring managers (in turn helping businesses - small and big alike) to hire smarter, better and faster.

How we do what we do?

We have leveraged our experience of hosting one million video interviews for our clients and predictive analytics what we collectively call Cognitive Analytics. We have rolled out a platform that allows you

  1. To assess the candidate’s technical skills 

  2. Behavior fitment all at once.

  3. Offers Reports on joining probability based on their engagement level and characteristics.

  4. Rolls out plans for you to engage with candidate.

  5. You can schedule live sessions or send out notes to them regarding the industry or simply send them pictures of work culture every time you cut a cake at office.

Everything you think is practically feasible can be made possible! 

(That obviously comes with an asterisk - but you get the drift).


This is how you can avoid another misfortunate episode of losing out on a candidate you really like and lose out on some productive and fruitful hours at work. Think about it.

You need it - I can say so because I needed it one such platform...real bad! It’s not too late.


Click here to avoid candidate dropuout!

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Written by: Arun K

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