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Candidate's View of Video Interview with Talview!

Published: December 16, 2015 In: Recruitment Best Practices

As a part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we asked over 3000 applicants about their experiences with Talview Interview platform. Talview strives on candidate experience and satisfaction - their convenience and gratification is what makes Talview - Talview. The feedback we received had mixed responses with indications for improvement in some areas. The recorded responses were based on the questions we asked after they attended the interview on Talview Platform.

Research Findings from the Candidate's Perspective

Research Methodology 

This research was conducted between June and October 2015 from a random sample of candidates completing video interviews with Talview clients in the technology services, high-tech, retail and financial services sectors. Sample roles included Multilingual Customer/Client Services, Software Developers, Engineering, Sales and Business Development.

Understanding the Candidates Overall Experience

We asked the candidates about their overall experience; in total about 89% candidates have a positive outlook towards the video interview experience. 08% said the experience was satisfactory.

"Overall the process was Very Easy and Simple and hence people with less technical expertise will be able to do it without much problem."

Only 03% of the candidates had negative experience with the video interview platform. Here is the graphical representation of the candidate experience and some of the testimonials we recorded.

Understanding Candidates Experience Pie Chart

"It was the first time I experienced an online video based recruitment process. It was Extremely Convenient and an Enriching Experience." 

"I took video interview for the first time in my life and I am really excited. It’s a great tool giving way to the convenience of taking the Interview Anytime."

"It is a good way to save cost and time and also a way in the direction the Industry is poised to move."

Reason Behind Liking Video Interviews

This representation shows over 75% of the candidates have opined that convenience has been a plus point of the video interview they attended. 33% liked the technological inclination that the video interview platform provided them with.

"It was a good experience given that I live far from office. I was able to Attend [the Interview] from my Home." 

29% of the applicants appreciated the fact that it reduced time to travel to the location. 26% candidates were of the opinion that with Talview video interview platform they could express themselves better than they could in a telephonic interview. Multiple responses collected on each question.

Survey of Candidates by Video Interview

We wanted to know if the candidates were benefited by the platform’s ability to take the interview - anytime and anywhere. We have received multiple positive responses on this front. The recorded responses are listed below.

"I think this is a very innovative way to conduct interviews where in the interviewee has an edge with the Flexibility to Attend at any point of time at his own convenience but also for the interviewer as he will be able to Gauge the Interviewees’ Mindset while answering the questions in a much More Effectively." 

"I like the idea of a video interview. It gives the employer a chance to See Our Facial Expressions while we answer the questions and to Gauge Our Confidence Level. As an aspiring employee, it gives us a chance to express ourselves freely at the convenience of our homes." 

"It’s a completely new experience for me. It shows the Power of Technology, how it has made us Transcend Distance and made communication so Convenient."

Talview Support Throughout The Interview Process

We asked if they had any technical glitches during the interview. Although some had initial problems with configuring hardware, it was all taken care of by our support team.

"It was a good experience. Glitch Free and the Practice Interviews Were Very Helpful in learning about the interface and how the actual interview works."

Most of the candidates opined that the process was mostly glitch-free and the practice sessions before taking the interview were very helpful. Here are a few testimonials.

"It was a Well Managed Process. I was given enough time to settle down before taking the answers. The best part was that it was very User Friendly."

"The entire process of the Video-based recruitment for the consulting course was Smooth and Glitch-Free.The Video Tutorial and the Practice Interviews help the candidates to Accustom Themselves to the actual video interview. An Excellent Experience on the whole!"

Candidates Appreciate The Employer

We asked them pen down their comments and share their thoughts about the entire experience through an open-ended question. From the ended responses we received, we can understand that the candidates have a special reverence towards our clients for allowing them to experience video interview process, proving that companies’ branding and talent engagement is a success. Here are a few testimonials.

"First let me Thank [Talview] for providing an opportunity to Attend an Interview with 3M. It was Really a Time Saving Process, where we can express ourselves better than telephonic interview as we could emote." 

"This was my first experience of a video interview. I must say it was a very convenient and a smooth process. I am happy with the Quality of Service and the Convenience Oriented Approach of GSK for the aspiring employees." 

"It was good to see technology being put to use in such diverse spheres by an IT leader.

It was a Hands-on Experience of a Tech-Giant Walking the Talk." 

"I found the process very good. In this fast paced world, this is one of the ways where Cognizant as an Organisation is doing good time management for its current as well as Prospective Employees."


From the responses collected in the research, we can see that candidates find this as an intriguing experience. At the same time, they consider the video interviewing experience a very convenient, technologically savvy, and a time-saving process. Additionally, they liked the prospective employers’ new approach towards the interview with a video-based tool and the fact that they are advanced in their outlook.

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Written by: Stephen Samuel

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