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FLASH Mumbai 2018- An Overview of Talview's Instahiring Leaders Conclave

Published: November 07, 2018 In: Talview News & Events

FLASH Mumbai 2018, Talview’s Instahiring Leaders Conclave partnered with Microsoft, delved deep into the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. 

The AI-focused HR Tech Conclave welcomed HR leaders from various walks of business.

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Inaugural Address

In the introductory note by Amit Subodh from Talview, he set the context for the conclave.

“Technology is changing our marketplace at an unfathomably rapid pace. To keep up with this change, industries need to equip themselves to attract and hire talent with the relevant skill set. As skills and job roles are constantly evolving, finding talent is getting harder and costlier. But we believe that with the right data (and tools) companies can attract, hire and retain the right talent faster than ever before”, he said as he stressed the importance of introducing technology that can change the face of recruitment.

Keynote Sessions


"Recruitment in the age of AI" by Rajeev Menon, Chief Product Officer, Talview

Rajeev Menon at FLASH, Mumbai

“Enterprise grade, intelligent hiring platforms that uses the best of cutting edge tech to help companies hire resources rapidly and accurately from anywhere in the world is the need of the hour.”- Rajeev Menon.

In the keynote session, Rajeev talks about the technological disruption that is taking over the field of recruitment at a global scale. He elucidated the state of recruitment today and the challenges to expect in the forthcoming years. Additionally, he illustrated the loopholes in the current recruitment technology stack and spoke on the benefits of incorporating a feedback mechanism to combat glitches and track efficiency.


Speaker discussions


"Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology" by Anil Mathur, Director- Partner Development at Microsoft

Anil Mathur at FLASH, Mumbai.


Anil Mathur’s session started off with explaining the nuances behind how computers perceive the world. He then proceeded to reveal the present where Artificial Intelligence meets human parity and the advancements that make AI real. Backed up by real-time statistics of large enterprises that have adopted AI into their hiring, he spoke about how Human Resources can be optimized by maximizing productivity.



"Technology Disruption and Future of Talent Ecosystems", by Anuj Kathuria, VP, Talent and Learning Platform- Reliance Industries Ltd.


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“You have a choice- EMBRACE digital disruption or be LEFT BEHIND.”- Anuj Kathuria.

The second speaker session was presented by Anuj Kathuria was focused on the revolutionisation of the hiring market after the entry of technology. Anuj explained the key global trends in the talent ecosystem that included various aspects like recruitment marketing, collaborative hiring. GDPR, etc. Furthermore, he elucidated the adoption, impact and future outlook of technological disruption by pictorially illustrating the elements that affect the former.


The Way Forward

As organizations are becoming more digital, they are shifting from designing to actively building the new organisation. It was found that while 94% of the companies surveyed said agility and collaboration are critical, only 6% are highly agile today.

People analytics is becoming a business function focused on using data to understand business operations, and embedding analytics into the way we work. To succeed, it is imperative for HR teams to rethink organization and job models, embrace technology and leverage data to make better decisions and predictions.

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Written by: Abenaya Gunasekaran

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