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Friday Five: Getting HR Tech Vendor Selection Right

Published: September 22, 2017 In: Remote Hiring

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5 Social Media Recruiting Tactics You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Sourcing potential candidates via social media is an excellent strategy, especially with people using an average of five or more social media platforms. LinkedIn

 is the most common social media platform recruiters turn to in order to find talent and it is an excellent place to start. However, if people are using more than five social networks, surely there’s room to branch out?

What HR needs to know about mobile-enabled recruitment

The rise of the smartphone and an increase in internet penetration has transformed talent to a digitally savvy workforce. The mobile phone is gaining popularity as the go-to medium not only to receive candidate applications but to engage talent throughout the recruitment life-cycle including job search, compliance, communications and social media interactions.

Getting HR Tech Vendor Selection Right

Vendor selection is more challenging than ever due to the proliferation of new products and services—and the concerted effort it takes to separate sales hype from actual performance. Today, advances in technology, particularly the growth of the cloud-based 

software-as-a-service model, have significantly lowered the barriers to entry for both vendors and employers.

6 Ways Remote Work Is Changing HR Software

Companies have also begun to realize that beyond boosting productivity and engagement, remote work options also allow them to tap into wider talent pools. The shift toward a more remote workforce is also spurring changes in the software HR professionals use to do their work.

The HR Tech Transformation

The impact of new communication platforms is felt particularly in the realm of human resources (HR), where they have reshaped virtually every aspect of the departments role from recruiting to training to ongoing engagement.

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